The “Illuminati” and possible Mind Control… It’s all there to be heard in the new Nicki Minaj & B.o.B collaboration

It seems that Nicki Minaj is hitting back at her critics.

A new duet with American Rapper, B.o.B titled ‘Out of My Mind,‘ features the lines,

“When my goons come through and start shooting stars
You know, I’m all about shoes and cars
I’m kinda drunk off blue Bacardi
I told Baby when I get my new advance
I’mma blow that motherf****r on a blue Bugatti
You know, I graduated summa cum laude
That’s why they thinking I’m Illuminati”

The track is taken from B.o.B’s new album, ‘Strange Clouds.’

Accusations that Minaj is yet another performer on a growing list of music industry Illuminati ‘puppets’ have been steadily intensifying ever since her star began to rise in 2010 with the release of her album, ‘Pink Friday.’ These suspicions reached an all-time high earlier this year following her live appearance at the Grammy Awards. But even before she’d stepped on stage that night the tongues had started wagging after she arrived at the bash with a man dressed as the Pope. It’s been reported that this was a reference to her upcoming single at the time, ‘Roman Holiday.’

“Roman” is also the name of Minaj’s alter-ego, thus fuelling on-going speculation amongst critics that the singer/rapper is a victim of Showbiz Mind Control (… more about that later). She once described Roman as “a demon” inside her. This is an interesting description, given that at the beginning of her controversial Grammy stage-show, Minaj is seen taking Confession from a priest – the very same man who accompanied her on the Red Carpet as “The Pope” – then, the live-action cuts to a pre-recorded video titled, ‘The Exorcism of Roman.‘ As the film opens, we see the priest visit the home of Roman’s worried mother who refers to Minaj’s alter-ego as “he.” In a recent interview, the R&B star stated that Roman is “the boy that lives inside of me. He’s a lunatic and he’s gay.”

Confession time…

In the video, the priest makes his way into a room where he finds a possessed Nicki/Roman. When he asks her/him who she/he is, she/he screams back, “Roman!” The drama then cuts back to the live stage at the Grammys, where Nicki is seen dressed in black, bound at the wrists and tied to a board against the backdrop of a stained-glass window church. She begins singing ’Roman Holiday’ which features lyrics that bear all the hallmarks of a person subjected to alleged Mind Control techniques:

“Take your medication, Roman
Take a short vacation, Roman
You’ll be okay
You need to know your station, Roman
Some alterations on your clothes and your brain
Take a little break, little break
From your silencing
There is so much you can take, you can take
I know how bad you need a Roman holiday (Roman holiday)
A Roman holiday”

She breaks free of her shackles and eventually makes her way to a mock altar where she briefly kneels down. The performance draws to a close with a group of hooded men in white monk-robes singing a disturbingly dark, monotone version of ’O Come, All Ye Faithful’ as the priest reappears on stage with men dressed as altar-boys. He then collapses at the mock altar as ‘Roman’ (or is that Nicki?) levitates above the stage bringing the show to a close.

Bill Donahue, the president of the USA’s largest Catholic civil rights organisation, The Catholic League, described Minaj’s performance as, “perhaps the most vulgar,” adding that it “was the sexual statement that showed a scantily clad female dancer stretching backwards while an altar boy knelt between her legs in prayer.” He then said, “none of this was by accident, and all of it was approved by The Recording Academy, which puts on the Grammys. Whether Minaj is possessed is surely an open question, but what is not in doubt is the irresponsibility.”

Irresponsible… and perhaps, deliberate? Given that her controversial performance took place just a day after the suspicious death of Whitney Houston, one of the music industry’s biggest ever stars, is in itself rather revealing. For example, considering the dark, Satanic themes that were addressed in Minaj’s live spectacle, wouldn’t it have been wise to cancel it or at least replace it with something less disrespectful? Surely common sense should have prevailed?… And why did a pre-Grammy Awards party hosted by Houston’s former mentor Clive Davis at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel carry on as scheduled despite the fact that she’d been found dead in a room there just hours earlier? In an interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, Soul singer Chaka Khan criticised Davis’s decision to continue with the star-studded bash whilst Houston’s body was still in the building. She said, “I thought that was complete insanity. And knowing Whitney I don’t believe that she would have said ‘the show must go on.’ She’s the kind of woman that would’ve said ‘Stop everything! Un-unh. I’m not going to be there.’ … I don’t know what could motivate a person to have a party in a building where the person whose life he had influenced so enormously and whose life had been affected by hers. They were like… I don’t understand how that party went on.”
In the same interview, she shared her views on the circumstances that led to Houston’s demise from drug addiction, views that might also provide an explanation for the bizarre events which occurred after her death, and the decision of Grammy organisers to continue with Minaj’s performance as the “demon“ Roman …

“I think that we all as artists… because we’re highly sensitive people, erm, and this machine around us, this so-called ‘music industry’ is such a demonic, er, thing… it sacrifices peoples’ lives and their essences… “ 

Other well-known performers who’ve made similar comments over the years include David Bowie who told ’Rolling Stone’ magazine in 1976 that, “Rock has always been the Devil’s music . . . I believe Rock and Roll is dangerous . . . I feel we’re only heralding something even darker than ourselves.” In a 1978 interview for ‘Hit Parader’ magazine, Ozzy Osbourne said, “I really wish I knew why I’ve done some of the things I’ve done over the years. I don’t know if I’m a medium for some outside source. Whatever it is, frankly, I hope it’s not what I think it is – Satan.” Former Rock & Roller Little Richard once stated, “I was directed and commanded by another power. The power of darkness … that a lot of people don’t believe exists. The power of the Devil. Satan.”
Led Zeppelin is one Rock band in particular which is regularly referred to when alleged Satanic elements in Popular music are discussed. This suspicion is no doubt further fuelled by the group’s guitarist Jimmy Page and his well documented admiration for occultist Aleister Crowley who he once proclaimed was, “a misunderstood genius of the 20th Century” stating that, “his whole thing was liberation of the person, of the entity, and that restrictions would foul you up, lead to frustration which leads to violence, crime, mental breakdown, depending on what sort of makeup you have underneath.” Page’s strong interest in Crowley led to him purchasing Boleskine House, the Scottish estate where the occultist lived from 1899 to 1913. The legendary Rock star owned the property from the early 1970s until the early ‘90s, although some sources claim he spent no more than a total of six weeks in the house during that time. He also possessed a number of Crowley’s clothing and manuscripts.

Led Zeppelin (left), and the notorious Aleister Crowley (right)

It’s said that Led Zeppelin’s supposed involvement in Black Magic and Satanism can be seen in the artwork of their album covers and heard in the lyrics of such songs as ‘House of the Holy,’ which directly refer to “Satan.” They’ve also been accused of practising occult rituals during their stage shows in front of thousands of unsuspecting fans who fail to recognise the hidden meanings contained within the live performances.

Nicki Minaj’s performance at The Grammys has also been likened to a dark, Satanic ritual, perhaps intended as an elaborate rite in memory of the recently deceased Whitney Houston who, some researchers believe, was murdered and offered up as a “blood sacrifice.”

Just days after her controversial appearance, the Rapper Waka Flocka Flame hit back at claims that Minaj was carrying out her duties as a servant of the Illuminati. In the interview below he says the allegations are “bulls**t.“

Now with the release of Minaj’s latest duet alongside B.o.B, it seems as though the star is also making her voice heard on the issue. However, the lyrics to the track actually leave the discerning listener with more questions than answers. B.o.B raps:

“I’m out of my f***ing mind, GG gally, oh my
I was doing fine, once upon a time
‘Til my brain left and it didn’t say bye
Don’t look at me wrong; I’m out of my mind
Like Nostradamus and da Vinci combined
So paranoid of espionage
I’m watching my doors and checking my blinds
My brain is on vacation, they telling me
And I’m bi-polar to disparity
And I need medication, apparently
And some electro-compulsive therapy
I am a rebel but yes I’m so militant
Still I’m eligible for disabilities
I am psychotic but there is no remedy
Still is not figurative, this is literally
If these niggas go dumb, I go to the mental facility
See, man I’m so out there, I slap fives with E.T
I don’t need a feature”

There are a number of significant references in these lyrics that correspond with methods which have been used on unsuspecting victims in Mind Control experiments. Words such as, “medication” and “electro-compulsive therapy” are particularly interesting, as these are techniques which were used during the notorious CIA-backed MK-ULTRA Mind Control experiments following the end of WWII.

B.o.B’s new album, ‘Strange Clouds.’

The renowned British-born psychiatrist, Donald Ewen Cameron was connected to this covert project. He used a combination of particularly intensive electroshock on his patients as well as partial sensory isolation. Drugs such as LSD, diazepam, heroin, morphine, MDMA, mescaline, psilocybin, scopolamine, marijuana, alcohol, sodium pentothal and ergine were administered also. Author, Fritz Springmeier and former self-confessed Mind Control victim, Cisco Wheeler claim these methods have also been used in an alleged MK-ULTRA spin-off program known as, ‘Project Monarch,’ regarded by most researchers as the principle breeding ground for future stars of the entertainment industry. In their book, ‘The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave,’ they write, “stun guns, staffs with hidden electric cattle prods, and cattle prods are frequently used on the slaves (victims). Electroshock is used to create the dissociation from trauma during the programming, and later it is used to remove memories after the slave has carried out a mission, or to instil fear and obedience in a reluctant slave. The shock destroys and scrambles the memory which is still stored in the short term memory section of the brain.”

Dr Ewen Cameron

With regards to drugs, Springmeier and Wheeler state that, “the science of Pharmacology has given the Programmers a vast array of mind-altering and body-altering drugs. Some of the drugs are not used to directly alter the mind, but to change the body (make the skin burn), or make the person vomit, or some other reaction that can be harnessed to further their nefarious programming goals.”

It’s difficult to ascertain whether B.o.B is rapping about a fictional scenario in the song ‘Out of My Head‘ or personal experience… and what of the reference to slapping “fives with E.T?”

Dr. Helmut Lammer is an atmospheric scientist and author who has also spent time researching unexplained phenomena, exotic military weapons and Mind Control. In an article titled, ‘The MK-ULTRA / Reptoid Connection’ he writes:

There is currently a great debate about the claims of various Mind Control victims, that they experienced or witnessed humans who transformed into reptoid creatures. In our book ‘MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction’ co-authored by my wife Marion, we investigated alleged alien abduction cases where abductees also reported or experienced unwitting human military involvement, so called MILAB-abductions. We also came across cases where the abductees believed that they witnessed reptoid beings during military kidnappings. We found that such cases may represent in reality drug induced screen memories where the Mind Controllers hide covert experiments, etc.

Declassified CIA documents show that the intelligence agencies had great interest in isolation research and used hallucinogenic drugs for cover stories to ridicule or discredit individuals during covert operations. In one declassified MK-ULTRA document there is mention of documents… that show their interest in financing experiments and research in chemicals having psychogenic effects. Other documents note that they continue study in the field, and make the findings available on a strictly controlled need-to-know basis.

As well as the Minaj duet, B.o.B’s new album features yet another intriguing track titled, ‘Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray).’ The song finds the rapper (real name, Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr.) in a battle of egos as he grapples with his famous persona. In 2009 he said, “now I go by the name Bobby Ray. Make sure you put Bobby Ray. I’m really going into a new direction – more free and not trying to live up to any particular genre. I don’t feel like I’ve been doing that. I don’t feel like I’ve been trying to fit in, but I feel even more free-spirited. I have more willingness musically.” Some weeks later, he released the mixtape, ‘B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray,’ and then followed it up with his debut album in 2010, ‘B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray.’


In March this year, an ‘MTV News’ article reviewed the ‘Where Are You…’ track which had just been released as a US-only single, stating that:

Fame sure has a way of changing people, and on his new single, Bobby Ray and his alter-ego B.o.B duke it out for four-and-a-half minutes.
‘Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray)’ opens with a lush piano melody, which builds and gives way into spacey synth sounds, a doo-wop-inspired background melody and a pounding bass drum. With the beat in full swing, B.o.B wastes no time confronting his issues when he raps, “whatever happened to Bobby Ray? He used to be here for us/ Then he got famous and left all his fans in the dust.” B.o.B continues to rhyme in third person, lamenting on the changes that fame brings. World tours and taxing studio sessions have clearly affected Bob’s relationship with his family and his fans, whom he now seems distant from. “I never thought you would sell out, you’re becoming so cocky/ I asked you for a picture after your show, you walked right by me,” he raps.

Springmeier and Wheeler write:

Most people are still unfamiliar with… the concept that one mind can have several personalities. On the other hand, they can understand perfectly that a computer can wall off sections of memory, and they can understand perfectly that a single human mind is superior to all the computers in the world assembled together… They will allow a computer this ability but not the human mind.

The creation of multiple personalities also divides responsibility within a person. A person who lives with a multiple, say for instance their handler, will form widely divergent relationships with the different alters. In terms of programming, each dissociated fragment of the mind may be moulded into something. Some fragments lend themselves to be moulded into full personalities, and some lend themselves into being moulded into single-purpose fragments, and some must be discarded. A part of the mind can be developed into a full-blown independent personality with all the idiosyncrasies that any other person has.

Springmeier and Wheeler later note that, “when building a system, the Programmers take advantage of their knowledge of how multiplicity works. Two alters can have several possible relationships,” including, “two-way amnesia, where neither alter knows about the other’s existence. This is what the Programmers want for most alters. They don’t want multiples to even know they are multiples,” or, “one-way amnesia, where A alter knows B alter, but B doesn’t know A.”

They also claim that, “a name humanises the alter. Names are sometimes attached later if needed by a handler.”

Nicki Minaj (born, Onika Tanya Maraj), told ‘New York’ magazine earlier this year that, “I have different personalities, so I just started naming them.”                                           Indeed she has… For example, there’s the Spanish-inspired “Rosa” (pronounced, “Rrrrrrrosah!”) and “Female Weezy,” who can be seen sporting blonde dreadlocks and tattoos in the music-video for ’Y.U. Mad’ alongside fellow rappers Lil’ Wayne and Birdman. Lil’ Wayne was also the catalyst for Minaj’s character “Lap-dance Nika” during their ‘I’m Still Music Tour’ of 2011, and in November 2010, she assumed the alter-ego of “Nicki Teresa,” a head-scarf adorning “healer to her fans” during a visit to the charity organisation, ‘The Garden of Dreams Foundation’ in New York. Then there’s “Roman” and ‘his’ mother, “Martha” who speaks in a British accent and can be heard on the song ‘Roman’s Revenge’ and seen in the music-video for the single ‘Moment 4 Life.’

Interestingly, “Roman” contributed a rap to a single by R&B star Trey Songz in 2010 titled ‘Bottoms Up,’ in which there’s a reference made to the ex-‘Playboy’ pin-up and alleged Mind Control victim, Anna Nicole Smith who died in 2007 due to an “accidental overdose“ of prescription drugs. In 2009, a judge charged the former model’s boyfriend, Howard K. Stern and two psychiatrists with conspiring to “commit the crimes of prescribing, administering and dispensing controlled substances” in regards to her death. One of the accused doctors was later acquitted, and the other, Khristine Eroshevich had her charge reduced to a misdemeanour in early 2011, although she was still ordered to serve twelve month‘s probation and pay a fine of $100 for obtaining pain killers under fraudulent means. Stern, meanwhile, walked out of court a free man after the judge ruled there was no evidence to convict him and agreed with his claims that Smith was a victim of chronic pain, not addiction

Anna Nicole Smith in her hey-day

During the long, drawn-out court case, a video-tape recording filmed by Stern was presented to the court which showed Smith dressed in clown’s make-up and speaking in a child-like voice. Prosecutors used the footage to argue that Stern and the two psychiatrists had plotted to keep her in a drug stupor in the years leading up to her death.
Others who’ve watched it since believe Smith’s behaviour in the film shows all the classic hallmarks of Mind Control, thus reinforcing the suspicions of those who claim the legendary ‘Playboy’ brand is merely a malevolent organisation harbouring Programmed ’Bunnies.’


One of Minaj’s most intriguing alter-egos is “Barbie” (sometimes known as, “Harajuku Barbie”) because it relates symbolically to the theme of dolls in Mind Control. For example,
former ’Monarch’ slave, Kathleen Sullivan claims varying brainwave levels (“EEGs“) are used in secret experiments to identify a victim’s particular function; the “BETA” level (‘Awake’/‘Normal alert consciousness’) is where inhibitions and moral convictions are stripped away and replaced with sadistic, primitive instincts. This level is referred to as “sexual programming.“ The “DELTA” level (‘Deep, dreamless sleep’) is known as “killer programming” and is said to have been originally developed for special agents and elite soldiers. Sullivan says that she “was used pretty extensively in a Delta state with military personnel or under the orders of military personnel. In that state I was absolutely, completely loyal to whoever my ‘superior’ was. They had a number of sub-codes that would activate different parts of that Delta system. Beta for me – another word that they used a lot, a code name, was ‘Barbie‘. What that involved was that all the personalities who were used for what I knew as ‘sexual servicing’ of other individuals – I was used both as a child and as an adult in those alter states, and I had more than one. In those alter states I would not resist, I had no anger, I was an absolute sexual slave and I would do whatever I was told to do.”

In 2011, toy company ‘Mattel’ showcased their new Nicki Minaj ‘Barbie’ doll.

The artwork for Nicki’s debut album, ‘Pink Friday’

In the music-video of Nicki Minaj’s hit single, ‘Turn Me On,‘ we see top French DJ and producer David Guetta play the role of a Dr. Frankenstein-like character creating his very own Minaj doll from mechanical parts…

“Barbie” was one of Minaj’s earliest personas born from her attempts to escape a chaotic childhood where arguments between her parents were commonplace. She recalls that, “to get away from all their fighting, I would imagine being a new person. ‘Cookie’ was my first identity – that stayed with me for a while. I went on to ‘Barbie,’ then ‘Nicki Minaj.’ Fantasy was my reality.” She claims that her father was a heavy drinker and drug user who was often violent towards her mother. She says, “he set fire to the house, he was attempting to kill my mother. She got out before it burned all the way down…. I wanted my mother to be stronger, and she couldn’t be.”
Potential Mind Control victims who are chosen early on in their lives for this specific purpose are often said to hail from violent, turbulent, abusive backgrounds. In ‘Deeper Insights Into the Illuminati Formula,‘ Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler write:

The basis for the success of the Monarch Mind Control programming is that different personalities or personality parts called alters can be created who do not know each other, but who can take the body at different times. To create alters (dissociative parts of the mind) the worse the trauma, the better the amnesia walls, so programmers have been spending years trying to outdo each other in creating the world’s worst traumas that humans can survive, so they can program people. To insure that the programming and abuse stays hidden from even the slave, the slave is given daily traumas as a child to keep them dissociative. The first type of abuse is prenatal. The second series of abuses occurs from 2 to 4. The third round of programming abuse, is given to the child around 5 to 6 years of age. One of the specific programming abuses is teaching the child slave to redirect their anger away from Papa or Daddy the slave owner.

A CLASH OF EGOS… From left to right; ‘Martha,’ Female Weezy,’ ‘Lap-dance Nika,’ and ‘Nicki Teresa.’

No doubt, Minaj’s latest recording with B.o.B will be a hit and very little mainstream attention will be directed towards the lyrical content, despite it‘s references to possible Mind Control and/or the “Illuminati.”
As for the future? More of the same it seems. Speaking during an interview with the website, ‘Digital Spy,’ Minaj announced ambitious plans for her gay alter-ego “Roman” including a movie, book and men’s fragrance. She said, “I feel like Roman represents a lot of people and it would be good to tell his story and therefore tell their story. So we’ll see. People really gravitate towards Roman – he’s a crazy little boy. I love him because he says what no-one else will say and so he’s a good friend to have next to you.”

** B.o.B’s new album, ‘Strange Clouds’ is released this week (May 1st 2012).

If you’d like to read a more detailed analysis about Mind Control / MK-ULTRA and Satanism in the entertainment industry, then please visit this link:


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