Want to hear some music with meaning for a change?…

Buried somewhere deep beneath the never-ending parade of banal boy-bands, Pop starlets, TV talent-show minstrels, and bogus so-called “R&B” acts that dominate the mainstream music world of today, are artists who transcend the trivia of their better known contemporaries. From Rock to rap, from Electronic to acoustic, the website ‘Radio 3Fourteen’ highlights a selection of these musicians in a special two-part podcast. Among those featured are self-proclaimed “Hip Hop emissaries of peace,” the Lumineries. According to their official website, they see themselves “as catalysts for change. Each member having played the role of teacher, social worker, and activist.” There’s also the “epic melodic Metal with doom, Prog, power, and symphonic elements” of Nepturian Horizon, which is the creation of Thomas Minderie who explores lyrical themes of gnosticism, spirituality, conspiracy, alienology, and mythology. His website, ‘Montalk.net,’ meanwhile, focuses on a wide range of fringe subjects including, the alternative sciences, ETs, as well as current events and the New World Order. Then there’s the music of radio-host, Chris Geo of ‘TruthFrequency.com,’ and even ‘Radio 3Fourteen’s’ very own Lana Lokteff who occasionally sings for Thirty Day Notice.

Hear and find out more about these Deeper Minded artists – along with many others besides – in the links below:





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