Artist, Gavan Kearney talks to ‘Red Ice Radio’ about the corrosion of culture.


Musician, painter, and writer, Gavan Kearney dropped in to ‘Red Ice Radio’ recently to discuss the corrosive state of today’s culture, a culture that celebrates nihilism and narcissism. It also, he believes, discards age-old wisdom separating the young from the elderly and, as a result, all the invaluable life experiences they could bestow. Instead, youths are manipulated into joining the “entirely manufactured” ‘teenage rebellion,’ a construct promoted by the Powers That Be, and that identifies a ‘rebel’ by what clothes they wear and what music they listen to. In the interview below (and released earlier this month), Gavan notes that many never break out of this “rebellion by the rules” and hold on well into their 30s, 40s, and 50s.

Born in Cork, Ireland, Gavan’s interest in drawing and painting began at an early age but, as he grew up, he became increasingly suspicious of the media attention and critical plaudits being showered on Modern/Contemporary Art having never met anyone himself who genuinely liked any of it. “Who is actually behind this,” he would ask, and who is benefiting from what is actually an assault on beauty?Gavan Kearney During the ‘Red Ice’ interview he delves into some of the possible answers, acknowledging the notorious ‘Frankfurt School’ in the process. As far as Gavan is concerned, it’s an attack on craftsmanship, talent, diversity, and freedom of expression. Much of this was brought home to him during his time at art college where, he claims, there was no choice but to accept the Contemporary/Conceptual form if you didn’t want to risk being left “very much outside of the loop.“ Anything that deviated from it or pre-dated it – especially of a spiritual and/or mythological nature – was rejected.

Gavan's 'Our Summer.' Oil on canvas - 2012.

Gavan’s ‘Our Summer.’ Oil on canvas – 2012.

Gavan moved to London in the early ‘90s where he formed and played in various bands. Although not necessarily hostile to the Pop-music medium, he is aware that much of it today is “dark” and “ugly.” He briefly touches on this during the interview suggesting that the best way to fight against performers such as Lady Gaga who actively push ‘Illuminati’ symbolism and ritualism in their work is by switching them off and ignoring them. Since completing a degree in Fine Arts / Sonic Arts, he’s maintained a recording-career of his own. Operating under the moniker, Sand Snowman, he’s currently involved in a project with long-term musical/life partner, Moonswift. Below, is the track, ‘Transfigured Forest’ from his 2011 album, ‘Vanished Chapters’…

As well as playing music, Gavan has written about it. Below, his article about John Lennon and available on ‘Nine Points Magazine,’ a website dedicated to the ‘Enneagram.’ Taken from the Greek word, ἐννέα (‘ennea,’ meaning ‘nine‘) and, γράμμα (‘gramma,’ meaning something ‘written’ or ‘drawn’), and with its roots having been dated back thousands of years, it refers to a circle inscribed by nine points which is used as a symbol to arrange and depict principal personality archetypes (or energies); 1 – The Reformer, 2 – The Helper, 3 – The Achiever, 4 – The Individualist, 5 – The Investigator, 6 – The Loyalist, 7 – The Enthusiast, 8 – The Challenger, 9 – The Peacemaker. These one-word descriptors can be expanded into further sets of traits. In his article, Gavan writes, “Lennon himself was a mass of contradictions; a man of peace with an infamous violent streak who was involved in several high profile aggressive episodes, who sang ‘imagine no possessions’ to accompanying footage of himself strolling through his vast Surrey mansion, and a man who castigated authorities and yet spent his life searching for an ideology or father figure to believe in. These traits reveal Lennon as an Enneagram type Six (The Partisan, The Loyalist, The Questioner).” Read more here:

And here’s one he’s written about David Bowie:

And below, his interview on ‘Red Ice Radio’ (first posted on the site, December 6th 2013) along with extra relevant Info and links:

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