‘Conspiro Media’ is picking up more ‘Good Vibrations’…

Earlier in 2013, the DJ, author, and lecturer, Mark Devlin contacted ‘Conspiro Media’ to ask me – Matt Sergiou – if I’d be at all interested in appearing as a guest on his highly popular ‘Good Vibrations’ pod-casts. This eventually resulted in a two-part interview.

Mark Devlin

Mark Devlin

In the first instalment, I looked back at the life and times of Pink Floyd and the stories of Syd Barrett’s apparent descent into madness and the possibility he might’ve been a victim of MK ULTRA / Mind-Control as well as Roger Waters’ recent very public stand against Zionism. I also turned my attention to the suspicious goings-on at Laurel Canyon, the LA neighbourhood where well-known music-stars of the so-called late ‘60s ‘counter-culture’ era originated from – and many of whom hailed from backgrounds in the military and/or intelligence services.

If you haven’t yet heard this interview (which was posted here earlier this year), you can catch up with it in the link below:


And now, here’s the second instalment of the pod-cast in which I talk about the 28-year relationship between Jazz legend, Thelonius Monk and Pannonica Rothschild, the heiress of the Illuminati banking dynasty who effectively turned her back on it and a life of luxury and glamour to be at his side.

Thelonius Monk and Pannonica Rothschild

Thelonius Monk and Pannonica Rothschild

We also bring this saga right up to date to examine the details behind her great-niece, Kate, whose marriage to Ben Goldsmith – the son of wealthy financier, Sir James Goldsmith – hit the rocks amidst reports she was romantically involved with American rapper, Jay Electronica who she represents in the UK through her company, ’Roundtable Records.’ I explored this in a 2012 article titled, ‘The Rothschilds’ Musical Legacy – Part One: The Same Old Song.’ You can read that here:


During the interview (which was recorded in October 2013), I talk about some of the new information I’ve uncovered since that article was published, most notably information that challenges Jay’s claims that he comes from the rough side of the tracks.

Kate Rothschild and Jay Electronica

Kate Rothschild and Jay Electronica

There are also questions surrounding Jay’s music and who actually wrote it. Furthermore, I go into the reasons why there hasn’t been a follow-up to my 2012 article… yet!

Listen to it here:


Good Vibrations 2

Don’t forget, you can hear Mark Devlin – the UK’s leading speaker on the dark, malevolent workings of the music-industry – every Saturday night on David Icke’s new channel, ‘The People’s Voice,’ where he showcases some of the more socially and spiritually-conscious Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae tracks:


*** Incidentally, here’s wishing you a Happy 2014! Thanks for all your support over the last year!

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