Not so long ago, the Illuminati was a little-known secret society acknowledged and discussed by few on the fringes. In recent years that’s changed and no more so than in 2013, a year when it was widely cited by the mainstream media. ‘Conspiro Media’ looks back…

2013-A Changing of the Tide3

Before we consign 2013 into the archives once and for all, let’s just take one last look at it because it was the year when the Mainstream Media & Entertainment Complex was talking “Illuminati.” This is nothing new of course, after all, a number of famous celebrities have gone public in recent times to downplay their alleged involvement in the secret society and its dark practises. When Rihanna was asked during a 2009 interview with New York Hip Hop / R&B radio-station, ‘Hot 97’ if there was anything that the general public might’ve misunderstood about her, she answered that “them reading into my hand over my eye on my album-cover” was perhaps worth noting. She was referring to her album, ‘Rated R.’ She then joked, “I’m a Devil worshipper, what you talking about?!”

Rihanna's 'Rated R' album-cover.

Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’ album-cover.

Fellow suspect, Jay-Z meanwhile, the man who signed her to the ‘Def Jam’ label in the early 2000s, has also publicly refuted claims of Satanic worship and affiliations to secret orders, most notably on the track, ‘Free Mason’ taken from rapper Rick Ross’s 2010 album, ‘Teflon Don’ in which he states, “rumours of Lucifer, I don’t know who to trust / Whole world want my demise; turn the music up / Hear me clearly: if y’all niggas hear me just say y’all fear me / F**k all these fairytales. Go to Hell.” When his friend and associate Kanye West decided to go public on ‘Twitter’ in 2010 to rubbish claims that he too was in the Illuminati, he jokingly Tweeted, “I’ve got question about ‘the illuminati’ … what is it exactly ??? … and why do people think pop stars have a membership???!!! LOL.” He asked, “is illuminati and devil worshipping like the same thing … do they have a social network that celebs can sign up for?” Also, “… can you devil worship on the new iphone??? LOL!!! What’s better for devil worshipping Iphone or the Droid… Does lucifer return text… is he or she on Skype? Don’t wanna be sexist.” That same year during an interview on ‘MTV News,’ he responded to the speculation, especially with regards to a clip that surfaced on ‘YouTube’ of him at a 2009 gig spitting the lyrics, “I sold my soul to the Devil/I know it’s a crappy deal/least it came with a few toys like a happy meal/I’m spaced out God/I be on that moon talk/ I wonder if God ask Mike how to moonwalk…” He said, “there’s this line where I say, ‘I sold my soul to the Devil, that’s a crappy deal,’ and all these people said, ‘what you mean you sold your soul to the Devil?’ But when I say it, I’m saying, when I allow other people’s ideals to interfere with what I know is true to myself, that’s the Devil… So, it’s like, people talking mess on the blogs is the Devil or …trying to call me names, that’s what the Devil is. And me thinking twice about what it is that’s really in my heart because of what people’s reaction would be is me selling my soul to the Devil.” In 2012, Justin Beiber asked presenter, Nick Grimshaw during an interview for the BBC’s ‘Radio 1’ if he was in the Illuminati after checking out a tattoo on his arm. The singer – without any provocation – then said, “isn’t it so funny… how many rumours are spread about how many people are supposedly in the Illuminati? Everybody is in the Illuminati supposedly. I’m not. I’m not in the Illuminati, guys.” That same year came the track, ‘Outta My Mind’ by American artist, B.o.B and guest-rapper, Nicki Minaj who can be heard exclaiming on it, “told my baby when I get my new advance / I’mma blow that mother*****r on a blue Bugatti / You know I graduated summa cum laude / That’s why they thinking I’m Illuminati.” You can read more about that in the following ‘Conspiro Media’ article from May that year:

‘Conspiro Media’ also reported on the 2012 hit single, ‘Turn Up the Love’ by US Rap quartet, Far East Movement which – as it apparently turned out – was the first song with the word ‘Illuminati’ in its lyrics to make it into the UK Top 40 chart. In what appears to be an attempt to deny any alleged connections to the cabal, the second verse features the line, “too legit, we can’t quit the party / Super freaks, no Illuminati.“ Find out more here:

What differentiates 2013 from what came before it (and, as a result, the examples above) is it that it was the year when the subject was no longer only to be found in a lyric or radio/TV-interview not likely to have been seen or heard well beyond the eyes and ears of youngsters, music-fans, or indeed those of us keeping a keen watch on the Alternative media. It was when the “the Illuminati” was name-checked by mainstream news gatherers and primetime television, and not only by the usual bunch of rappers and singers, but actors, actresses and their equally famous (and suspect) friends and associates too, including business figures such as Sir Richard Branson. The ‘Virgin’ boss made his voice heard on the subject in no uncertain terms in May last year when he appeared alongside Hollywood star, Olivia Wilde, and U2’s Bono in a campaign-ad for ’,’ a charity co-founded by Matt Damon which, according to its official website, “believes everyone in the world should have sustainable and affordable access to safe water and sanitation,” although the majority of its projects are focused on some of the most vulnerable regions of Africa and Asia. In February 2013, the ‘Bourne Identity’ actor released a short ‘YouTube’ video of himself holding a mock news conference in which he announces that he will not visit the bathroom until every person in the world has access to clean water and a toilet. It ends with an appeal for viewers to visit the charity‘s web-page, ‘‘ Commenting on the spoof, he told the ‘LA Times’ that he hoped it would “generate new levels of awareness and participation in the cause.” The May campaign-ad featuring Branson, Bono, and Wilde was a follow-on to that. However, for some mind-boggling reason, all three of them – with the exception of Damon who also briefly appears – are shown jokingly referring to their supposed membership in “the Illuminati” for a significant chunk of it. What relevance this has with regards to the charity’s message is anybody’s guess – assuming there’s even a connection of course. Is it meant to be a stab at ‘comedy’ or ‘satire’? Perhaps it’s a bid to trivialise and/or ‘normalise’ the goals of the New World Order Plan within mainstream consciousness? What is quite clear is that it’s partly an attempt to reject and ridicule the growing number of us who seriously believe that such an agenda does exist. For example, during the ad, Bono tells us that “780 million people – that’s one in nine – lacks access to safe water,” continuing, “this is one conspiracy we can all agree on.” Why those involved would choose a campaign highlighting the importance of clean water to do this is not only baffling but somewhat inappropriate. Maybe the U2 front-man and friend of Presidents and Prime Ministers the world over is fed-up of critics questioning his supposed efforts to end global suffering? In 2010, his ‘ONE’ anti-poverty / disease organisation was under the spotlight following reports that it had received almost £9.6 million in donations in 2008, but handed out only £118,000 to good causes. In defence, one of its spokesmen stated at the time, “we don’t provide programmes on the ground. We’re an advocacy and campaigning organisation.” What’s more worrying is the fact that most of its funding comes from the ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,’ a long suspected champion of eugenics, especially in the so-called ‘Third World’ – a region that ONE focuses much of its attention. Furthermore, according to the foundation’s own website, “ONE originated from conversations between Bill Gates and Bono in the early 2000s,” which then led to them creating “an anti-poverty advocacy organisation called ‘DATA’” (… interesting choice of moniker). Formed in 2002, DATA also received the backing of equally suspicious figures such as ‘Sir’ Bob Geldof and the notorious George Soros. In 2007, it merged forces with ONE and now operates under its name. Two bigwigs at the ’Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,’ Joe Cerrell and Jeff Raikes, sit on its board of directors, as do Helen D. Gayle – previously a member of the ’Rockefeller Foundation’ and the ’Council on Foreign Relations’ (CFR), Sheryl Sandberg – Chief Operating Officer at ’Facebook’ and onetime economist at the ’World Bank,’ Lawrence Summers (former World Bank), Morton H. Halpern (former CFR), and Condoleeza Rice (enough said!).

In October 2013, the long-established US magazine, ‘Rolling Stone’ made note of the Illuminati too. It did so in a lengthy interview with Popstress, Ke$ha who talked to journalist, Eric Spitznagel about the rumours of her alleged links to it. Here’s an excerpt:

ERIC SPITZNAGEL: Your last few videos, ‘Die Young’ and ‘Crazy Kids,’ featured a lot of Illuminati and occult imagery, with the inverted crosses and pentagrams and whatnot. There have even been online conspiracy theories that you’re working for the Illuminati.

KE$HA: It’s so much worse than they think. I’m really the leader of the Illuminati. That’s true.

E.S.: Thank you for finally admitting it.

KE$HA: I try to be straight forward.

E.S.: But seriously, the eyeball on your hand? Are you not trying to brainwash kids into thinking the Illuminati is cool?

KE$HA: Well actually, the eye on my hand is now a tattoo. So there’s no getting away from that one. It is what it is.

E.S.: Your videos aside, what’s the most occult thing you’ve ever done?

KE$HA: When I spend time at my house, it can get pretty occulty. I’ll have people put on robes, and I have an entire room in my house devoted to glitter. Sometimes I’ll just fill it up like a bathtub. There’s also a room that’s just dedicated to painting. So like, you can roll around on the floor, you can be naked, you can paint your body, whatever you want.

E.S.: And this seems like occult behaviour to you? Kesha-Crazy Kids video

KE$HA: Oh, and I also live in the woods. When it gets really late, we just run through the woods, screaming like banshees, covered in paint and glitter. This happens whenever I throw a party. Like, s**t just gets out of control.

E.S.: It’s becoming very clear that you have nothing whatsoever to do with the Illuminati.

KE$HA: (Laughs). What gave me away?

Was the ‘Rolling Stone’ journalist genuinely interested to know if Ke$ha is willingly “working for the Illuminati,” or was there another motive behind him raising this question? After all, there is a light-hearted tone to the exchange which might suggest that he was merely broaching the subject in order to treat it like a joke, just another loony conspiracy theory to be tossed aside? Maybe this was the intention all along, a joint strategy worked out beforehand by the magazine and the Pop-star’s controllers to throw casual readers off-guard? However, do note that there’s no straight answer provided when he asks her if she’s “trying to brainwash kids into thinking the Illuminati is cool.” This doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of co-operation on her part of course. Could be that she said plenty on the matter, enough in fact to confirm what many commentators on the occult workings of the music-industry have long suspected. It might’ve been edited out before publication though. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time; After her song, ‘Die Young’ was reportedly pulled from radio play-lists following the Sandy Hook drama due to its inappropriate lyrics about making “the most of the night like we’re gonna die young / We’re gonna die young / We’re gonna die young,” Ke$ha took to ‘Twitter’ claiming, “I had my very own issues with ‘die young‘ for this reason. I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO.” Not long later though, this short, sharp statement which could be (and has been) held up as evidence that Pop-stars are puppets pushing dark agendas, was deleted prompting widespread media speculation – both Alternative and mainstream. Why was it wiped? Was it because footage of an interview surfaced that clearly contradicted her Tweet and as a consequence made her look to some reporters as though she was trying to distance herself from anything linked to Sandy Hook? She’d told New York radio-station ‘95.5 WPLJ’ weeks earlier that she “wrote and rewrote that song ten times,” and that “every word rings true to me because I would never want to misrepresent myself”? Or was it deleted because she’d sailed far too close to The Truth, so close that her masters gave her no choice but to remove it? She made a bid to explain herself in a posting on her website, stating, “after such a tragic event I was feeling a lot of emotion and sadness when I said I was forced to sing some of the lyrics to ‘Die Young.’ Forced is not the right word. I did have some concerns about the phrase ‘die young’ in the chorus when we were writing the lyrics especially because so many of my fans are young… But the point of the song is the importance of living every day to the fullest and staying young at heart.”

Released three months before Sandy Hook, ‘Die Young’ is, as journalist, Eric Spitznagel hints, drowning in dark, occult, imagery, from upside-down crosses to pentagrams, skull and bones, Egyptian Eye of Horus symbols, and pyramids, as well as hints of lesbianism, and flash-scenes of animals having sex. Yep – just another slice of wholesome entertainment for those young fans that Ke$ha’s concerned about, then. You can read her ‘Rolling Stone’ interview in its entirety in the link below and find out more about the “vaginal exorcism” that her healer performed on her to rid her of the “dead entities” that “cling” to her. Could have something to do with the company that she keeps?…

Mainstream media acknowledgement of the Illuminati continued when it received a mention in December 2013 on one of TV’s best known programmes ever. Hailed as “America’s favourite quiz-show,” and with an estimated weekly audience of 28 million, the long-running, ‘Jeopardy!’ highlighted the subject in a question put to contestant, Carlos Ross, a customer-services representative from Boston, Massachusetts. In order to double his cash prize from $9,200 up to $18,400, he was asked for “the name of this secret sect said to have formed in 1776” which “is from the Latin for ‘enlightenment’… “ Nodding his head knowingly even before the poser was fully read out to him by host, Alex Trebek, he answered correctly and won his bonus. Jeopardy Illuminati

Earlier in November, good-for-nothing celebrity, Kim Kardashian was hitting back at claims she was Illuminati after she posted a self-made collage on ‘Twitter’ to mark the birthday of her friend, Brittn Gastineau. Because it featured a photograph of them both inside a triangle and also what could be (and was) perceived to be the shape of an eye, the reality-TV star was soon facing a backlash from posters, one of whom stated, “if this doesn’t scream illuminati I don’t know what does.”


Kardashian posted back and denied the accusations…


Her claim that she’s “a Christian” who’s “not into” cults appears to be at odds with a photo she posted to her ’Instagram’ account earlier in April that year in which she’s showing off a bracelet complete with depictions of Baphomet, the half-human / half-goat figure said to have been partly based on The Devil in Tarot cards and revered by notorious occultist, Aleister Crowley and adopted by ‘The Church of Satan.’ One onlooker who viewed the photograph replied, “illuminati.”



What’s interesting about the reports of Kardashian’s supposed links to the Illuminati is not that some of them came from the mainstream entertainment/gossip/news-media, but that most them did. The celebrity-obsessed website, ‘E Online’ – a branch of the ‘E!’ cable and satellite TV channel owned by the conglomerate, ‘NBCUniversal’ – even went as far as to explain the origins of the secret society and its goals for world domination (albeit very briefly and somewhat flippantly) when it covered all the controversy surrounding her birthday photo with Brittn Gastineau in an article that not only sided with the reality-star, but mocked the theories:

Not every mainstream report was as judgemental as you might expect though, including ones from ‘,’ the ‘Latin Post,’ and even the ‘International Business Times,’ all of which remained impartial, as did an article from the ’MailOnline,’ the website offshoot of the British tabloid, the ‘Daily Mail.’ In fact, it was borrowed ‘copy & paste’-style by Alex Jones’s ‘’ – and two days after it was published too. So, in a rare occurrence, the Alternative-news community was playing catch-up with its corporate competitors over a topic it normally would have been spearheading and which the mainstream wouldn’t have touched with a barge-stick. When Kardashian hit the headlines again over fresh “Illuminati” allegations weeks after her birthday-photo Tweet first went viral, the ‘MailOnline’ even ventured as far as to issue an article about it that appeared to be mimicking the approach of ‘Vigilant Citizen’ and other similar conspiracy-sites although in a seriously watered-down style. It was to do with the fuss surrounding the 2013 Christmas card that Kim posed for alongside the rest of her famous family-members. The website honed in on some of the blatant occult symbols it was festooned with, and which were fuelling the headlines. Titled, ‘Biting satire on the nature of fame, sinister Illuminati message… What does the Kardashians’ bizarre Christmas card really mean and are they in on the joke?’, the ‘MailOnline’ article stated: Riven with symbols, secret messages and evocative imagery; this year’s Kardashians’ Christmas card is a radical departure from their classic glamorous ensemble shot. Composed by Kanye West’s favourite photographic auteur, David LaChapelle, the complicated scene is a muddle of intriguing narratives that suggest there’s a wry commentary on the nature of the reality family’s fame at play; and perhaps even a message from secret society, The Illuminati. But are momager Kris and her ubiquitous daughters in on the satire? And how do you even begin to decipher it all… MailOnline is here to help.

It continues…

Modern myth-making: While the baby could signify missing Nori, the Illuminati pyramid and All-Seeing Eye is what’s got conspiracists all whipped up:


And there it is again: The Illuminati symbol pops up again between Kylie and Kendall and in front of a packet of ‘Wheaties’ featuring Bruce Jenner in the ’70s; it’s clear the photographer is having fun:


Note that the ‘MailOnline’ is putting forward the suggestion that the Kardashians’ highly suggestive Christmas card is “satire” – a bit of “fun“ – perhaps to deter the website’s casual reader from subscribing to the increasingly popular view that there’s a seriously dark message hidden within the symbols that needs to be investigated and exposed. Not surprising then that the article doesn’t draw attention to the visual clues pertaining to Mind-Control and child exploitation as picked up by the real-deal, ‘Vigilant Citizen’ in a piece posted a day earlier and which concluded:

Behind the Jenner sisters are two Illuminati pyramids, complete with the All-Seeing Eye. The card can’t be clearer about “owns” this entire family. Scattered around the card are dismembered mannequins, a symbol that is often used to represent Mind Control, a practice that is rampant in the Illuminati entertainment industry.

eye mannequins

Khloe Kardashian poses sitting on the backseat of a car (why?) while Kourtney’s son Mason lays on it, looking as if life was sucked out of him. Above them is a cardboard cut-out looking like a baby-Jesus, with a glory around its head. Is that North West? The matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner looks like some kind of female Pharaoh while Bruce is distress, stuck in a tube, about to run out of air. Between them is the word ‘cashier,’ maybe meaning that it is all about money transactions. Above both of them is tagged the word ‘fame,’ implying that they’re ready to do whatever it takes to be famous.


You can read and compare both the ‘MailOnline’ and ‘Vigilant Citizen’ articles here:

IN FULL... The Kardashians' 2013 Christmas card

IN FULL… The Kardashians’ 2013 Christmas card

The ‘MailOnline’ wasn’t the only widely-read mainstream UK news-source to link the Kardashians’ Christmas card to the Illuminati. Another was, ‘The Guardian’ website in an article by Lanre Bakare who takes a detour from the celeb familys’ exploits and embarks on a brief summary of the secret society’s links to the music-industry as well as its ever-increasing exposure in the media. He also comments on Alex Jones, and, interestingly, points out that “the commissioning of this article was suggested by “a reader by the name of “Juicylicious.” Wonder if he/she appreciated the mildly dismissive and sarcastic flavour permeating throughout? Bakare writes:

Most media outlets took the card at face value and instinctively laughed heartily at it, before mocking the Kardashians and moving on, but others looked a bit deeper and started to see the HIDDEN ILLUMINATI MESSAGES. Conspiracy theorist and shouty bloke du jour Alex Jones summed it up, calling the card “a rather grim and depressing summation of the entertainment world”, which most people would happily agree with. But then he went on to add the whole thing was a homage to the “shadowy elite that is turning popular culture into a toxic wasteland.” At that point most people switched off, but then even mainstream news sources started to ask; what is the secret Illuminati message? It’s a question that has increasingly been asked of celebs linked to Hip Hop over the last decade, with artists such as Jay-Z regularly having to bat away accusations that he’s part of an occult conspiracy. And Hova is far from the only rapper accused of having Illuminati ties. An internet search for Canadian cry-baby Rap-star, Drake, for example, will throw up… theories that his track-lists contain hidden messages about the end of the world. The rabbit hole goes even deeper with a whole host of outlandish theories about the death of Tupac, which mostly revolve around him being murdered by the Illuminati… Rappers are just the latest fall guys and they’ve taken the place of Rock-stars, who were regularly accused of occult connections in the ‘70s. David Bowie’s interest in the work of Aleister Crowley around the time of his Berlin triptych which manifested itself via lyrical hat-tips and the Beatles’ decision to include Crowley on the cover of Sgt Pepper’s was enough to have them accused of dark connections. So are the Kardashians simply the latest celebrity Illuminati messengers? Probably not… But then again I would say that, wouldn’t I? I could be part of the shadowy media cover-up squad.

Read the article in its entirety here:

Kim Kardashian’s fiance of course is Kanye West. He’s rumoured to have been the controlling force behind the 2013 Christmas card, reportedly providing art direction, as well as costume, and make-up ideas. He’s also said to have been responsible for hiring David LaChapelle. It’s worth pointing out for the sake of context that the much sought after photographer has a history of creating images rife with ‘Illuminati‘ suggestion…

LaCHAPELLE COLLECTION: From Top-left clockwise; Ewan McGregor, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie.

LaCHAPELLE COLLECTION: From Top-left clockwise; Ewan McGregor, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie.

Kanye West and LaChapelle had worked together before. The photographer was responsible for a controversial picture of the rapper wearing a crown of thorns…

David LaChapelle’s portrait of Kanye West on display at an exhibition in Paris, 2009.

David LaChapelle’s portrait of Kanye West on display at an exhibition in Paris, 2009.

In hindsight, the mainstream media’s coverage of celebrities’ alleged links to the Illuminati during 2013 are all the more fascinating given that it was also the year when not one but two of the biggest heavyweights in the so-called “Truth Movement” were invited to air their Alternative views on national and international TV as well as the tabloid Press. In March, David Icke was a guest on the highly popular UK television magazine-show, ‘This Morning’ which is best known for focusing on showbiz gossip, home improvements, lifestyle issues, and cookery and fashion tips. What’s particularly interesting about his ten-minute appearance is not that he spoke openly to hundreds of thousands if not millions of viewers about topics most of them wouldn’t have been aware of before such as the holographic nature of the universe, and the malevolent control-agenda that’s being sanctioned by the British Royal Family and banking cartels, but that his interviewers allowed him to do so without ridiculing him or talking him down. In fact, the hosts, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield (especially), were respectful throughout.

David Icke (as if you didn't know!)

David Icke (as if you didn’t know!)

In June that same year, Icke was given an equally easy ride by ‘The Sun,’ the popular tabloid and one of the UK’s most widely read newspapers with an estimated daily circulation of over two million. In an article under the headline, ’I see children starving, banks lending money that doesn’t exist, people paying with austerity. If that’s insanity I’m glad I’m perceived as insane,’ he was given the platform to speak about the 9/11 conspiracy, micro-chipping, the dangers of GM foods, and the steps towards “a global Orwellian dictatorship.” And all this from a newspaper that over two decades before had ridiculed him mercilessly for his beliefs. Earlier in January, fellow campaigner, Alex Jones appeared on Piers Morgan’s ‘CNN’ show after he’d posted a petition on the White House website to have the British journalist and television presenter now based in the US deported back to the UK accusing him of using his TV programme in the aftermath of Sandy Hook as a platform to attack the Second Amendment right of American citizens to own firearms. During the heated exchange, the well-known conspiracy-reporter exclaimed, “the Second Amendment isn’t there for duck hunting. It’s there to protect us from tyrannical government and street thugs.” He continued, “the tyrants did it. Hitler took the guns. Stalin took the guns. Mao took the guns. Fidel Castro took the guns.” He then accused Morgan of being “a hatchet man of the New World Order.“ In case you missed all this first time round, you can watch it below…

Jones’s loud and explosive CNN appearance was derided within some quarters of the mainstream media. The UK’s ‘Telegraph’ website labelled him a “conspiracy nut” who’d gone “bananas” and also, a “radio-star who deals in wide-eyed conspiracy theories of the ‘Queen Elizabeth is a Communist lizard’ variety” (which he most certainly doesn’t by the way – any regular listener or viewer of his programmes would know that). The ‘’ meanwhile, an offshoot of the popular British tabloid the ‘Daily Mirror’ (which Morgan is a former editor of) described him as “bizarre.” On TV, Jones was lampooned by late-night chat-show host, Conan O’Brien…

Choice excerpts of Jones’s CNN appearance featuring him challenging Morgan to a boxing match and talking in a fake British accent were played on Jay Leno’s US talk-show to laughter from the studio audience when the former ‘Daily Mirror’ editor was a guest…

Jones’s mainstream media blitz continued. In June that same year he appeared on the BBC’s ‘Sunday Politics’ programme alongside anti-conspiracy theorist and journalist, David Aaronovitch to talk about the 2013 Bilderberg meeting which was being held in the UK town of Watford. Once again, towards the end of the interview particularly, he dropped his composure and launched into an unprovoked loudmouthed rant that turned what could potentially have been a calm, reasoned and adult discussion into something bordering on comedy…

If you watch the above clip you’ll hear Aaronovitch telling the ‘InfoWars‘ figurehead, “you have uncovered the New World Order which is deadly… it’s full of criminals e.t.c. who seek to run the world and will kill anybody who gets in their way and you are almost… a lone crusader powering against them. So – how come – how are you still alive? Which is the explanation? One; they don’t exist, or two, you’re part of the conspiracy. I say the first.” He may “say the first,” but untold numbers of Jones’s critics would strongly point to the second option. Indeed, many of his detractors believe he perhaps stage-managed his rants on CNN and the BBC in order to tar Truth-seekers with the ‘crazy lunatic’ brush amongst the wider mainstream population in his role as a paid-up member of the controlled opposition. His supporters however would argue that his explosive outbursts are part and parcel of his personality and the behaviour of a genuinely passionate man unable to keep a lid on his heartfelt desire to awaken as many people as possible to the New World Order agenda.

The principle aim of this article isn’t to accuse prominent Truth-activists such as Alex Jones of being shills, but to document the unprecedented coverage of the Illuminati in the mainstream media during 2013. However, few of us reading this would doubt that the Powers That Be controlling the very TV channels, magazines, and newspapers that have allowed this subject airtime are going to tolerate the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth being laid bare for all to see. They will have been observing the growing tide of public awareness in occult secret societies from the wings, waiting for the moment to step in and steer it to the best of their efforts towards a dead-end, and if that means using shills and lackeys to spread disinfo and whatever else to throw us off the scent and/or to deter potential newcomers to the subject from researching it further, then so be it. Is this why comedian and sometime Hollywood actor, Russell Brand was allowed to hint at “revolution” on a BBC current affairs programme in October last year then? ‘Conspiro Media’ is of the view that – yes – it would certainly appear that way. During his interview on ‘Newsnight’ with broadcaster and journalist, Jeremy Paxman, he spoke about “the apathy” that “comes from the politicians,” and “the lies, treachery and deceit of the political class” who’re “only interested in servicing the needs of corporations.” He said he wanted to see “alternate political systems… that might be of use to humanity” that “shouldn’t destroy the planet, shouldn’t create massive economic disparity,” and “shouldn’t ignore the needs of the people.” That’s all well and good. Problem is, what’s motivating him and where does it root back to? During his ’Newsnight’ interview, Brand spoke briefly about his role as guest-editor of the political magazine, ’New Statesman.’ Founded in 1913 by the notorious British think-tank, the ’Fabian Society,’ this organisation has been accused of developing social-engineering programs that are then used by governments to change the thoughts and behaviour of the population in preparation for a One World State which would relinquish the rights of the individual in exchange for collectivism. Even its own website testifies that it “influences political and public thinking through a wide range of publications and events.” In his article, ’Secret Organisations and Hidden Agendas,’ author and political lecturer, G. Edward Griffin claims the Fabians’ goal is to “embed collectivism into society without alarm or serious opposition.” When it was formed by what he describes “an elite group of intellectuals” in London in 1884, he asserts it was done so “for the purpose of bringing Socialism into the world, not quickly by violent Marxist-Leninist revolution, but slowly and gradually by propaganda, legislation, and quiet infiltration into government, education, and media.“ Couple this with Brand’s call on ’Newsnight’ for a “Socialist egalitarian system” and alarm bells should start ringing in your ears – and all this incidentally from a man who’s been involved romantically with the associate-editor of the ‘New Statesman,‘ Jemima Kahn, daughter of now-deceased financier, Sir James Goldsmith and former sister-in-law of ’Illuminati’ heiress, Kate Rothschild. Remember also that he was once married to rumoured MK ULTRA puppet, Katy Perry who ominously stated in an interview in 2013 that she initially felt “a lot of responsibility” for her marriage ending but then “found out the real truth, which I can’t necessarily disclose because I keep it locked in my safe for a rainy day”(?!).

Russell Brand shill

So – in conclusion – what can we surmise from the Illuminati’s heightened profile in the mainstream media during 2013? Well, we shouldn’t by any means underestimate the power of the internet in recent years and the role of Alternative / non-corporate-financed bloggers, commentators, researchers and news-gatherers. No doubt, it’s partly thanks to their efforts in exposing celebrities’ alleged links to this nefarious cabal that we saw the likes of Bono addressing the subject in the ’’ ad. He’s not stupid. He’s well aware of what’s being written about him by online conspiracy theorists. We also have to acknowledge the strong probability that mainstream websites such as the ‘MailOnline’ are capitalising on the ever-growing popularity of this subject in a bid to boost their readership-ratings.

What of the future though? What does 2014 and beyond hold in store? Will we be hearing and reading more about the Illuminati in the mainstream media? Well, it’s anybody’s guess at this stage, but don’t bet against it. What those of us with an interest in keeping abreast of the New World Order agenda have to be ready for is, if or when that happens. After all, as more and more people become aware of this secret society, isn’t it only right that we’re on hand to assist them with important information, whether it be by writing a blog, chatting to friends and family who‘re keen to learn more, or helping them sort out fact from fiction or info from disinfo?



4 thoughts on “Not so long ago, the Illuminati was a little-known secret society acknowledged and discussed by few on the fringes. In recent years that’s changed and no more so than in 2013, a year when it was widely cited by the mainstream media. ‘Conspiro Media’ looks back…

  1. Thanks Mark! It took me a while to get this article together. I must’ve written about four or five drafts of it before I reached a point where I thought it was going to be relevant. Hopefully that relevance comes across. I see myself as more of a reporter than a blogger expressing opinions. Problem with opinions is, every one has one and no one person’s opinion is better than another’s (in theory). I’d rather just plonk the data in front of the reader and allow them to make up their own mind – no pressure, no agenda etc. So… that’s why I wrote so many drafts of this. I knew it was opinion-based in parts and I wanted it to be as clear as possible.
    Thanks again Mark!

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