10 thoughts on “The three-part ‘ConspiroMedia’ Rolling Stones retrospective continues. This sprawling second instalment delves into their public (and not so public) dabblings in the occult and also re-assesses their ‘Satanic’ reputation. Add to this, tales of UFOs, ley-lines, and all manner of esoteria including the apparent re-occurrence of the planet Saturn(?)…

  1. As Always,Well done.Let me clarify something related to Musicians Dying at 27.There is an event in Astrology called “Saturn Return” When Saturn returns to that part of a Horoscope it was in when you was born.Saturn stays for 3 1/2 years in that position(as it moves very slowly since its so far away from the Earth) If a Person’s Life does not have a Firm Foundation and is Based on Flimsy,Transitory things,when Saturn returns said individual will either Lose there Lives or Lose those things(or relationships)which are Flimsy at best.When I was 27 I got divorced as the marriage wasn’t solid.When I was 7 my mother was 29 and lost her life to drugs.The musicians who die at 27 don’t have a career which will sustain them into the future.Their lives are based on an Illusion.People think its tragic that Hendrix died so young.They say Imagine the music he could have made in his future.I say he was going to become very “Passe” very quickly and if he had Got Sober his music would have changed considerably as it relied on Drugs( I am a Musician so I understand the effects of drugs on creativity) One last thing.Why has Jagger been Knighted but Keith has not.I believe Mick was the “Insider” in the group and knew the truth of Brian Jones’s death(as did Jones before it happened) Jones knew he was the Satanic sacrifice.Jagger knew as well.The other Stones did not and that is why only Mick is Knighted(same with McCartney as well)Sorry for the long winded rant.Keep up the good work.I asked before about Theodore Adorno.I suspect this subject would be very difficult to uncover.Only recently has it come to light that Brian Epstein Blackmailed George Martin to give the Beatles a contract.He threatened to stop all sales of EMI product if George refused and NEMS sold more records in the UK than all other stores COMBINED.So the Beatles didn’t get a deal because of their talent.The Music biz is unraveling like an onion.TA

    Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 17:43:10 +0000 To: wilsonrodriguezsings@hotmail.com

  2. Hi, Wilson.
    Hey – look – no need to apologise for long-winded rants. Your comments aren’t long-winded and you’re not ranting either. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave feed-back.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective on Saturn Return. I was just wondering… how does this phenomenon work with regards to being murdered at the age of 27 (as both Hendrix and Jones are said to have been)? Both these musicians were going through a transitory phase in their careers/artistic lives when they died, but – if claims are to be believed – they were also attracting the attention of individuals who wanted them ‘out of the way’ at the time too. How does Saturn Return apply to this (if at all)?

    With regards to Brian Jones… as you’ll see in the third and final instalment of the retrospective, the circumstances surrounding his death (‘murder’) raise a great deal of questions as to who was responsible and why, and as you point out, Jagger (and others within the Stones camp) certainly do deserve to be placed under the spotlight. There are some very intriguing events that took place directly before and after Brian’s death with regards to the band that certainly do raise the eye-brows. Sufficed to say, I’ll be digging deeper into Mick Jagger’s background in the next instalment.
    Like you, I’ve also been suspicious of McCartney’s behaviour in recent years (as you point out, the only Beatle to be knighted). He’s been getting far too close to a number of shady characters in recent times, suggesting (to me at least) that he’s playing the Establishment game. Only recently (in 2010), he told the media he “loved” Obama and told people to ‘stop giving the President a hard time over Climate Change.’ After the BP oil spill, he told UK reporters, “sadly we need disasters like this to show people. Some people don’t believe in climate warming – like those who don’t believe there was a Holocaust.” Oh dear.
    He was spotted recently with globalist Warren Buffett:

    It could be that he’s merely a dedicated Democrat (many of the ’60s generation of musicians are), but, I’m not totally convinced about that myself.

    Thanks for the info regarding Brian Epstein ‘blackmailing’ George Martin. I wasn’t aware of that – very interesting. I’ve checked that out and found it to have been a claim made by Alistair Taylor – a man who was deeply embedded within the Epstein/Beatles camp… so, certainly information there not to be dismissed lightly as merely ‘allegation.’
    What is commonly known is that Brian Epstein’s NEMS store bought up bulk copies of The Beatles’ first single, ‘Love Me Do’ in a bid to push it up the charts. In a recent BBC documentary, a number of Liverpool bands managed by Epstein recalled that they were given money by Epstein to go into record-shops to buy ‘Love Me Do’ in a bid to help its chart-placing. Also, Alistair Taylor (yep – him again), takes the cameras on a tour of the NEMS cellars (if I’m not mistaken) to show us where all the copies of ‘Love Me Do’ were stored (recalling, “Brian, you’ll never shift all of this!”) There’s nothing overly sinister about this. Having hung around record-stores back in my early youth, I came to see with my own eyes that such tactics were merely everyday occurrences (in fact, I saw a lot worse going on – bribery and ‘sweetening’ included). Nevertheless, it certainly takes some of the sheen off the ‘official story’ as pumped by ‘Apple Corps.’

  3. Hi-Well you did say sprawling! Good read-enjoyed some of the little seen footage as well.Studied Altamont myself a while back and article inspired a few new thoughts on this event which i’l outline which may be of some relevance.

    The starting point was the victims name,Merrideth Hunter(Merry-death Hunter).occureed to me that no one has ever considered if Hunter was under some form of Mind Control-either as a victim or potential assassin.

    Hunter was one of four children of a schizophrenic mother.Sister Dixie remembers him as “an exteremely bright and curious child.” She said she was unaware of any drug use and begged him not to go to the festival with his white girlfriend.Hunter replied he had an unloaded gun to scare off would be troublemakers but she believed this to be a joke.Accounts of what happened differ despite the incident being caught on camera.A 1970 True Detective piece claims Hunter was stabbed once before drawing his gun but this doesn’t appear to be backed up by the footage.We see a clearly agitated Hunter watching the band before appearing to rush the stage before the fatal scuffle.One account says;”Rock Sully who could see the audience clearly from the top of a truck by the stage noticed Hunter clearly in the crowd remembering,’I saw what he was looking at,that he was crazy,he was on drugs and that he had murderous intent.There was no doubt in my mind that he intended to do terrible harm to Mick,somebody in the Stones or somebody on that stage.”

    Watching the footage with this in mind it appears possible that Hunter was indeed intending to rush and fire on the stage but is stopped by Angel Alan Passaro who then stabs him.Hunter’s gf Patty Bredahoft later said he was so high he could barely walk with amphetamins found in his system and footage suggests he is under influence.Is it possible that Hunter was another Sirhan Sirhan and that Jagger was his target.Of course one would ask why would they want MJ dead when he was essentially doing what they wanted.Maybe he really was a threat to the PTB and they decided to get rid of him and send a message.Maybe after this brush with death Jagger feel into line.Of course this is wild speculation.One could also ask who was Patty Bredahoft and what part she may have played.She was Hunters girlfriend for a few weeks at the time and has spoken little of the event- interview to Sunday Times when aged 52 seems to be one rare occasion.

    Alan Passaro was 21 at the time and a confirmed criminal.After several auto theft convictions Passaro was acquitted of assaulting a SFPD officer.The following year he was arrested for passesing explosives but again the charges were dropped.Arrests for drugs and theft followees with Passaro out on bail at the time of the killing.Indeed he was beginning his sentence on these charges when detectives found out he was their chief suspect in the Altamont case.Of course he was to die in suspicious circumstances in 1985-floating face down in a resovior with 11k stuffed in his suit pockets.Given his criminal past this isn’t exactly a shock it must be said.

    The other popular line about Hunters death was that it was a sacrifice of some kind.Crowley himself of course said a male child of above average intelligence made the best candidate and while at 18 he was hardly a child he wasn’t yet a man.Altamont means “high mound”-was certainly apt on that day when a cloud of pot smoke hung over the area like thick smog.Bibleapps says;
    “The sacrifice apon the tops of mountains.The tops of hills or mountains seemed nearer heaven,the air puere and more removed from the world.Being thus connected to idolatry and sin God strictly forbade worship on high places.

    And what of Hunter’s striking lime greensuit.Was this a connection to some green man pagan ritual? “In Wicca the green man was often seen as a representation of the horned God.” Osiris is seen as a green man figure with his own ceremony-“The first phase of the festival was a public drama depicting the murder and dismemberment of Osiris.” Another article depicts a scene from George Harrison’s Wonderwall film released a year previous in Dec 1968.In it we see a charcter draw a duelling pistol as a sword fight takes place on a hillside.

    Of course the logistics of carrying out a staged event of some kind would make it difficult but not impossible.The events seem to unfold in a spontaneous fashion.Some claim the gun was unloaded while the authourities say it was.If so maybe Passaro was actually the hero of the piece and saved the life of one or more Stone or person on stage.Though of course using excessive lethal force.Anyway thought I’d throw that in and hope some of it may be of use!

  4. Hey! Johny!
    Thanks for writing in.
    To be sure, the Altamont affair is a complex one and there are a number of questions that remain. For example, as to the question of who hired the Hells Angels for the event. To this day, depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different reply. Some of the Stones’ camp say they never hired them, others say they did. Then there’s others who say they weren’t hired to be ‘security’ but merely to ‘look after the amplifiers and speakers’ at the front of the stage. There doesn’t appear to be a definitive answer to this – perhaps because no one wants to be linked directly in some way to Meredith’s death? However, if you look deeper into the particular chapter of the Hells Angels that were at Altamont that weekend, you’ll find some extremely questionable links and connections to much darker figures… darker figures that might suggest that the whole tragedy might indeed been part of an ‘Aquarian conspiracy. As for Passaro’s death, as you point out, maybe it wasn’t such a surprise that he was found dead face down, but, then again, maybe it was to do with Altamont… to ‘shut him up’ as it were (for example, what if he was poised to ‘blow the lid off’ it – you know – a big money interview with the media. Okay, I’m really just grabbing stuff out of the air here, but, his death should be examined at closer length).
    As for Hunter? Funny you should mention MK ULTRA. The thought crossed my mind too. I haven’t explored this avenue in depth yet, but I did undertake a little search – fruitless as it was. If he was out to kill Jagger as part of some intel/Government-backed mission, the question is, why? Okay – again – I’m just grabbing stuff out of the air here, but maybe the aim was to assassinate a major Rock star in public in front of thousands of people? Think of the shockwaves that would’ve caused. We’re constantly being told (by journalists and historians) that Altamont was the death knell of the 1960s ‘love and peace’ era. Now, imagine if Jagger had been assassinated at that event… that REALLY would’ve marked a death knell. Think back earlier to 1963 and the killing of JFK. His death was (and is) marked as the end of an era and the beginning of a new one (i.e. The Beatles’ arrival in the US in ’64 is said to have marked the beginning of a new phase which brought the American public out of their shock in the wake of Kennedy’s death and into the ‘swinging 60s’ – some would say, a deliberate plot to introduce the engineered counter-culture into society – with a little help from The Stones of course). JFK’s death is also said to have been a public trauma given that he was killed in front of people’s eyes the way he was. Maybe Passaro unwittingly saved the audience from undergoing a similar trauma? Maybe Jagger was meant to die, to be the Rock-star version of the Kennedy assassination… a fitting way to end the ’60s dream? Forgive me… all of this is mere conjecture… utter conjecture. I dunno… there’s a niggling feeling at the back of my head that Meredith was meant to be there at the front of the stage that night, and that it wasn’t merely down to chance – and as you point out – his ‘girlfriend’ has been largely absent from the story since.
    One of the things that bothers me about Meredith Hunter is – if you watch the ‘Gimme Shelter’ documentary – the camera actually does pan in and focus on him some time before the incident kicked off – and when there was no sign of what was to come too. Now, I’m no expert in film-making, so I’m not sure if there was technology available at the tiime that would’ve allowed the film-makers to pan in on him during the editing phase, but, pan in they did. Now, if there was technology available to help achieve that, then, fine. But if there wasn’t – well – what a ‘coincidence’ that the film-makers ‘just so happened’ to do this, eh? Incidentally, any one reading this with any experience or knowledge of film-making technology of the 1960s is very welcome to comment here and offer some answers to this.
    Okay – I’ll sign off here for the time being (all this conjecture is making me dizzy) – but, there are other factors that have to be taken into account with regards to the Altamont tragedy and that would suggest it might have had Government/intel backing – BUT.. I’ll leave it there as I’ll be giving too much away of what’s to come in Part Three!

    • Look forward to it.Regarding Passaro it struck me that he may have been an FBI asset in the COINTELPRO project.Getting off with assaulting a SFPD police officer and posessing explosives could well have been linked to his recruitment.Given the connection between the Angels and the rock scene(even the peace and love guru George Harrison was tight with them)Passaro(or any angel for that matter)would have been ideally placed to be used in this operation.

      Of course there were other deaths.Prior to the concert a car ploughed through a camp fire killing a couple and seriously injuring another couple while a baby miraculously escaped injury.The driver was never traced and observers assumed it was someone on a bad acid trip.Who knows-maybe this incident has darker connotations.

      Apparently the Angels harboured a grudge towards the Stones due to their criticism after the event and even instigated a plot to kill Jagger.This involved sailing a boat to a NY residence of the singers.How serious this was is hard to say.

      Was watching something about this years Sonisphere Rock festival.Band being interviewed were due to play the events Saturn Stage…..

  5. Consider this:

    Compare and contrast with this, another medium who describes essentially the same scenario:

    Fascinating and extremely disturbing, especially for anyone who’s read enough about the Stones in that period.

    Great article by the way, the degree of research and referencing is endlessly impressive. Looking forward to part three!

  6. Hi, Matthew…

    Please accept my apologies for not replying much, much earlier. I’ve been somewhat preoccupied over the last few weeks or so with family/private issues of some importance, which meant that I didn’t have the chance to give your post the attention it deserved.
    Thanks for the videos (and the kind words too… it truly means a lot). I’ve seen these vids before, but it was good to watch again and it’s certainly sparked some thoughts in my head, thoughts that I’ll have to investigate further (so, thanks again).
    With regards to the videos – I’d have to say, Paula Forester’s info is by far the most disturbing of all the versions of this incident I’ve come across – I haven’t heard or read about this anywhere else in such specific terms (as far as I can recall), although it’s not the first time that I’ve seen/heard Jagger (and Richards’) names implicated. Their possible ‘involvement’ certainly opens up some interesting avenues when you look further into it. I’ll have more to share on this when Part 3 is published. I haven’t yet started writing the article though. I plan to start this in June/July and hope to have it completed for December. Sure, I’d like to have it out sooner, but the fact is, The Rolling Stones’ story is huge… massive. It requires A LOT of time-consuming work.

    Thanks again for your kind words! Also… don’t forget; you can subscribe to the site if you like – that way you’re sure to get ‘Part 3’ e-mailed to you as soon as its published.

    Kind regards,


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