Satirists, Benny Wills and Kevin Kostelnik of ‘JoyCamp’ talk to ‘Red Ice Radio’ about Hollywood, comedy and the role it can play within the Alternative-media…

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‘Conspiro Media’ is always open to sharing information put forward by other websites if they’re shining the spotlight on subject-matter pertaining to the conspiratorial/occult elements within the world of music, movies and TV. The following short article is one such example…
Some days ago, the renowned ‘Red Ice Creations’ featured an interview with two members of ’JoyCamp,’ a group of satirists based in Los Angeles who, in the last couple of years, have made a name for themselves within – for want of a better term – the ’Alternative community’ thanks to their ’YouTube’ skits that take a comical, but critical look at issues/topics ranging from GMOs and chemtrails to ‘ObamaCare,’ and RFID chips, the TSA, and Zionism (to name but a few). They’ve also taken a swipe at the entertainment industry in a series of award-show spoofs, such as the one below in which Benny Wills and Kevin Kostelnik, the two principle members of the group, give us their take on the 2014 Grammys. In the following sketch for example, they call out the nominees for the ‘Illuminati Puppet of the Year’ gong…

Please note that the video above isn’t lifted directly from JoyCamp‘s pages, but is actually a shared copy. You see, at the time that this article was being prepared, most of the award-show spoofs on their site were pulled. Their send-up of the 86th Academy Awards, for example, is now no longer available “due to a copyright claim by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.” Presumably, that’s the reason why the comedy-team have also opted to withdraw the aforementioned Grammys parody and a skit on the 2013 Oscars from their listings. Both are now only for ‘Private Viewing.‘ However, as is the case with the ‘Illuminati Puppet of the Year’ sketch, if you scout around on the internet long enough, you’ll be able to find copies of all of these uploaded onto other, unrelated, YouTube pages… For example… From one titled, ‘Anti New World Order’:

Another JoyCamp video-spoof worth noting is, ‘World War III Pre-Game Show.’ This was published in September 2013 when the media was reporting on President Obama’s active efforts to garner support for military action in Syria. Sadly, when you take into account what’s been going on in world-events in recent days with regards to the western air-strikes against that country as well as in Iraq, this skit is perhaps more potent and timely than ever before…

The JoyCamp team also explore issues of a sociological/philosophical nature. On the ‘YouTube’ page for their five-minute-plus short, ‘Internet Kill Switch’ for example, they ask: What would happen if the internet suddenly shut-off? In the video, two friends are placed in such a scenario, forced to live in a world without it…

In the ‘Red Ice’ interview with Benny and Kevin, much of the emphasis is focused on Hollywood, and, in particular, its pro-Israeli stance, its failure to speak out in condemnation of the attacks on Gaza a few weeks back, and its negative treatment towards those few famous actors who have actually voiced their opposition in some shape or form in recent years with regards to this issue in general. The film-director Steven Spielberg (or – as he’s referred to by the JoyCamp guys in the interview – ’Steven S-Bilderberg’) is also called out, especially in relation to the propaganda and disinformation that they believe is peddled in his Oscar-winning movie, ’Schindler’s List.’ “Every single Holocaust movie… is how we get our history of the Holocaust,” says Benny. “I remember watching ‘Schindler‘s List‘ when it came out when I was a kid… and to think that I got played, you know?” They also talk briefly about the sad demise of Robin Williams.

Benny and Kevin.

Benny and Kevin.

Now in their early-thirties, Benny and Kevin first met when they were in their late-teens whilst at junior college. They then transferred to San Francisco State University together. It was here, they say, their passion for seeking out knowledge of a conspiratorial/suppressed nature was first ignited. Wills recalls, “it was there that we saw the very first – or our very first – conspiracy ’YouTube’ video regarding 9/11… And it just blew our minds. And I think from there, we became – for lack of a better term – conspiracy theorists and spent the next 6 or 7, or 8 years even, just diving down every rabbit-hole that opened up to us.” The aim of JoyCamp, they tell us, is to bring a dose of much-needed humour to the Alternative-media and “the Awakening process in general,” something they believe is seriously lacking. As far as they’re concerned, comedy also has the ability to mould a weighty subject such as chemtrails into a palatable enough form for mainstream digestion, thus encouraging people who might otherwise scoff at such a topic to instead seek out more information about what those strange formations in the sky actually might be.
During the interview, Benny and Kevin also talk about political-correctness in comedy, and the effect that the six-hour documentary, ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ has had on them since watching it recently. It’s a film that challenges the mainstream accounts of Hitler, WWII, and the Holocaust as repeated for decades in books, documentaries, movies, and our education-systems. Red Ice presenter, Henrik Palmgren begins the pod-cast however, with a few thoughts of his own, thoughts that ‘Conspiro Media’ has expressed in past posts over the years regarding the ongoing efforts and machinations of the so-called ‘elites’ in their bid to control and enslave humanity, and, more to the point, the essential role of the media/entertainment/the Arts in this plot. He says, “this is not about the enslavement of the body as much as it is of the mind. That means that this is a battle that takes on many different expressions. It’s fought on many different levels and in many different ways. Perhaps even in such a way that it’s sometimes difficult to see that it is a war. It’s not any more with guns, bullets and swords – although that does happen – but it’s more with ideas, thoughts, stories, and words. It’s weaponised ideologies, mind-viruses… One of the greatest mind-virus machines in the history of the world is… called ’Hollywood.’ Although it might not seem as a priority – as there is so much else going on – I hope you ask yourself, who is driving culture and where are they driving it and what is the reason? Is it not about time that we, those people who are concerned with the Truth, and those who know the price of the manipulative lies, start to pay close attention how to regain control of our culture, and ultimately that which influences young people; Movies, music, art – and I hate to say it – Pop culture?”…

‘Red Ice Radio’ JoyCamp page:

JoyCamp website:

JoyCamp ‘YouTube’ homepage:



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