In discussion: The ‘Paul Is Dead’ theory…

Paul McCartney split

Back in June this year, Mark Devlin – the UK’s leading speaker on the occult/conspiratorial elements within the entertainment industry – published a pod-cast in which he chats with prominent researcher, Tina Foster of ‘Plastic Macca,‘ the blog which looks into evidence of Paul McCartney’s alleged ‘death’ in 1966. There’s also contributions during the conversation from ’Conspiro Media’ – or, in other words – me; Matt Sergiou.

If you choose to take a listen to the pod-cast (available below), you’ll hear Tina talking us through many of the ‘clues’ alluding to this decades-old theory and that are said to be found in occult form on Beatles and solo McCartney album and single covers, and more blatantly in sound via backwards messages on songs. She also cites a number of physical differences between the ‘real’ Paul and the ‘impostor’ Paul (A.K.A. ‘Faul’) that she says can be seen when comparing photographs and footage prior to 1966 and after, when he was said to have been replaced. She highlights the research of two Italians, Francesco Gavazzeni and known forensic pathologist, Gabriella Carlesi who together have studied the facial features of the pre and post-’death’ McCartney and concluded that there is indeed a definite difference between the two that cannot be dismissed. Then there’s the apparent anomalies surrounding the long-contested paternity battle between the former Beatle and a German woman who claims she gave birth to their daughter in the early 1960s. In 1984, Erika Hubers alleged that a blood-sample taken from McCartney for examination in a court-case that she launched against him at the time to prove he was the father was not in fact McCartney’s but an impostor’s. Indeed, during the pod-cast, Tina talks about the use of decoys and doubles in the ‘Paul Is Dead’ (‘P.I.D.‘) conspiracy. She also revisits the comments made in 2007 by Heather Mills who told the world’s media that she’d discovered a ‘terrible secret’ about Paul her then soon-to-be ex-husband.
The circumstances surrounding the ‘death’ of McCartney in ‘66 are discussed during the pod-cast too. Tina doesn’t subscribe to the widely-cited claim that the music-legend died as a result of a car accident. She’s of the view that he was ‘bumped-off’ by the Powers That Be and then replaced by a more NWO-friendly version, one perhaps that wouldn’t question the globalist agenda to corrupt the world’s youth, most notably in the promotion of widespread drug-use during the late 1960s.

Personally, I’ve remained largely sceptical of P.I.D. However, my mind is open and in no way dismissive towards the theory in principle. As I say during the pod-cast; although there isn’t enough evidence on offer to convince me that Paul is most definitely dead, I do feel there’s plenty of signs to indicate that “something untoward” is going on (… smoke, but not necessarily a fire as such). I expressed my thoughts on this (to some extent) in the closing paragraphs of an article on ’Conspiro Media’ back in May 2012:

During the pod-cast, I raise some questions that I and possibly others who’re sceptical towards P.I.D. have posed over the years, such as; how is it that not one member of the ‘original’ Paul’s family back in Liverpool have ever come out publicly to expose the fraud? Surely someone in the McCartney clan has noted the change in appearance, if not in personality? Actually, Tina, Mark and I are in agreement when it comes to the ex-Beatle’s behaviour in recent years, behaviour that’s resulted in him becoming a shoulder-rubber with the so-called ‘elites’ in politics and royalty, and – so it would appear – an advocate of their dark agenda also. The pod-cast ends with us speculating as to whether the secret to this decades-old mystery will ever be revealed, or will it remain a theory that goes with everyone to their graves?

You can check out Tina’s ‘Plastic Macca blog’ here:

You might also be interested to learn that Mark will be talking about the dark, occult machinations of the music-industry at the live event, ‘Cornwall Awake!’ on Saturday November 22nd 2014:

Cornwall Awake! 2014


1 thought on “In discussion: The ‘Paul Is Dead’ theory…

  1. What about the fact that he was bragging about the “theory” the exact same day that Wired published the article, on the David Letterman show in 2009 ? (is that just a coincidence ?) What about John Halliday ? What about the “Let me introduce the one and only Billy Shears / William Shakespears” lyric’s line in Sergeant Pepper ? What about the Jospeh Grimaldi story ? “” “PID theory” is a red herring. The real deal which is about the cloning and replacement that has taken place for a very long time, story repeating itself, manipulation/control of events. Also consider the fact that in the famous PID conspiracy theory, the Sergeant’s pepper cover is supposed to point the date 911 (in 1966), if you mirror the drum. And then there is the fact that John Lennon was strangely pointing at November the 9th 1966 as the date he met with Yoko in the indica gallery, while in reality, if we follow his story, it should be November 7th. Following this route of investigation will bring many more clues.

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