The months-long spell of inactivity that’s befallen ‘Conspiro Media’ is about to end, and there are new horizons ahead…


If you’re a regular visitor to ‘Conspiro Media,’ you’ll perhaps be aware of the proposed plans for a radical revamp of the site in order to expand its ability to encompass a wider variety of articles and items and finally (at last) in order for it to provide regular, round-the-clock bulletins and analysis on developments that might be of interest to those of us who keep a keen eye (and ear) on the occult/conspiratorial elements within the world of music, movies, TV and other forms of art/entertainment…

It’s been a long time coming, but it can now be revealed that this ambitious proposal has at last entered the early stages of actual reality!

In January this year, the wheels were finally set in motion following a lengthy search during 2015 to locate a keen and able web-designer who’d be interested in taking on the task of reconstructing the site.

Actually, the effort and time involved in seeking-out a suitable web ‘techie’ is one of the main reasons behind the lack of freshly-posted material here for nearly a year – although it must be noted that there are a couple of almost-completed articles to come soon, and if you’re a regular reader here, it’ll perhaps come as no surprise to you to learn that they’ll be as lengthy and as detailed as most that have come before.

The ideas fuelling this move towards a revamp can be traced back to 2011 and before ‘Conspiro Media’ first appeared online in June of that year. In fact, the original concept was for the creation of a website far grander in scale than the one that has transpired, consisting of four main components:

1) A constantly updated News Headlines page (with added blog commentary and analysis from time to time).

2) A section showcasing singers, rappers, musicians and remixers/producers of an Alternative nature who communicate a meaningful message (and who might not necessarily be widely-known).

3) A regular(ish) smattering of lengthy, in-depth articles.

4) A YouTube channel featuring exclusive interviews with researchers, authors and others relevant to those of us seeking more information on the dark, arcane, symbol-ridden, plot-scheming (yet not always altogether negative) elements that are (and always have been) present in entertainment/media/The Arts.

As its turned out, the last two ingredients in this ambitious wish-list have been achieved, but the first two havent. So, not the desired result of course, but by no means due to accident or disaster. Faced back in 2011 with the uphill challenge of building a large-scale website from scratch with absolutely no prior knowledge or experience about how to achieve this, and mindful of the sheer amount of days, weeks and months that would pile up on the way to attaining this goal as a consequence, it was decided to go ahead with something less elaborate first. After all, why hold back on sharing information – any information – that might be of value and/or relevance, however small or understated? Best to engage in a minimal form rather than not at all, take each day as it comes and assess all progress regularly – test the waters as it were ahead of any plans to expand as desired. And thats exactly whats been happening. However, it was hoped in the early days of the site that, despite its physical limitations, ‘Conspiro Media’ would provide readers with at least a modest stream of regular, topical items. That hasn’t come to pass of course and the reason for that is largely due to the time and effort spent preparing almost all of the lengthy and detailed articles posted here. Each one of these will have come as a result of anywhere between a week to six month’s-worth of work. Most of this is spent on painstaking research (fact-finding, reference-hunting, cross-checking), and also – to a lesser extent – on the collating and arranging of all the relevant and useful data into a readable-enough format once it’s been collected – and all in a genuine bid to deliver the most reliable, accurate and significant information possible. Obviously, a top priority whilst preparing such a lengthy article is to get it completed and published as soon as can be. In order to achieve this, one must apply a single-minded approach, and ultimately, at the cost of reporting on any breaking news-items and topics occurring in the meantime that might be relevant to this site.

In theory, an expansion of ‘Conspiro Media’ towards a multi-level platform that’s partly independent of the one-dimensional constraints of the so-called ‘blog-roll’ format it currently resides within @ ‘,’ will allow for the continuation of the lengthy, extensively researched posts that are months in the making, but will no longer stifle the general flow of the site into the bargain. In other words, there’ll be enough space and freedom available to offer readers something new and topical on an almost daily basis – such as was first envisaged back in 2011. The idea is, whilst you’re waiting up to six months for the next article of epically-long proportions to appear, you can occupy yourself in at least one or two other sections of the site where there’ll almost certainly be fresh, regularly updated content.

It’s still too early to predict when the new, expanded version of ‘Conspiro Media’ will materialise, although it’s a fairly safe bet it’ll be at some point this year. In the meantime, do please keep checking back here because, as noted earlier, there are two almost-completed articles on the way (one focusing on troubled Beach Boy Brian Wilson, the other on the CIA’s documented role in the world of popular music), and at least a couple of podcast-style interviews that have been pencilled-in for future recording. Also, work will resume soon on the final instalment of the three-part Rolling Stones retrospective, the first of which was published here in 2013.

Part 1 & 2 are available to read below:

If you have any questions or comments regarding the revamp plans, or indeed any ‘techie’ advice (most welcome that would be!), don’t hesitate to get in touch. Ditto if you’re a singer, rapper, musician, or producer/remixer/DJ who has something meaningful you’d like to share in the proposed music-section of the new upcoming incarnation of the site. Make contact via the ‘comments’ tab (the speech-bubble at the top of this post) or by e-mail (contact, me – Matt Sergiou – at

Don’t forget: To ensure that you’re kept up to speed with the latest goings-on here, please do feel free to subscribe for e-mail updates.

That’s it for now, and thanks for your time… I hope I can deliver you the goods as soon as can be – and, more importantly, to your liking with full effect.




3 thoughts on “The months-long spell of inactivity that’s befallen ‘Conspiro Media’ is about to end, and there are new horizons ahead…

  1. I recommend, some of his more recent content is sort of just racist, using random propagandist stats and pushing his personal, culturally-influenced political perspective, but overall there’s an incredible amount of well-researched, substantial and important info.

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