Time for a ‘Conspiro Media’ update…

Hello there…

As you may or may not know, this website is currently undergoing a transition of sorts, which is one of the main reasons why there’s been a serious lack of fresh material posted here in the recent past.

Here’s what’s going on, in case you’re not aware… Very shortly, there’ll be a new, updated, ‘re-furbed’ version of ‘Conspiro Media’ appearing online and it’s hoped it’ll deliver a more expansive and up-to-the-minute experience for you. If you’re interested to know the whys and the wherefores to this, then you can’t do much better than to take a look at the following link. All is explained here:


In the meantime, you might be pleased to know that there’s now a Conspiro Media spin-off site online called, ‘The Occult Beatles.’ The title speaks for itself, so there’s really no need for any details here. If this takes your fancy, then click on the link below to see more of it…


Please keep tuned to Conspiro Media as there’ll be one or two articles to come before the revamp. For example, this year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the release of The Beach Boys’ classic album, ‘Pet Sounds,’ and Brian Wilson, the band’s one-time chief member, has just had his memoirs published in which he goes into some detail about the mental and physical trauma he suffered at the hands of his father, Murry as well as the hypnotic-like control he fell under when he was placed in the care of the psychiatrist ‘handler,’ Eugene Landy in the 1970s and ‘80s when his state of mind really took a dive – most possibly because of LSD. Was he yet another victim of MK ULTRA and the alleged CIA plot during the 1960s to bring about social upheaval through the distribution of psychedelic drugs and the so-called ‘counter-culture’? To mark the album’s anniversary and the book’s release, Conspiro Media will investigate in a particularly lengthy and informative article.

Thank you for your patience, but not long to go now.



3 thoughts on “Time for a ‘Conspiro Media’ update…

  1. Hey-Awesome!Beatles site looks good-inspired idea as they do generate a little bit of interest its fair to say.Will give it better look when got time.

    Incidently recently read somewhere that a contemporary of Dennis Wilson remembers him coming into the studio in a shaken state and telling of how he had just witness Manson machine gun a man to death in the desert and throw the body down a well.Police apparently responded that they didn’t believe this had really happened.Though I’m sure your aware of this info already experience tells me!

    • Hi Johny. Always so good to see you!

      Re; Dennis Wilson – get ready for this… No. I wasn’t aware of that account! I do suspect that all The Beach Boys are going to go to their graves with a hell of a lot of untold stories about what actually happened between Manson and – not only his friend Dennis – but all the Beach Boys – Brian included. Given that Manson has said himself he was made ‘Theta Clear’ by the Scientologists whilst in prison – I do wonder whether his alleged skills in Mind Kontrol did extend as far as Brian’s way when he was rubbing shoulders with Dennis and his showbiz friends?

  2. Well first time for everything! Checked and it was none other than Mike Love in his autobiography who relayed the story-which he’s convinced really happened.Maybe letting some info out as he’s in his twilight years.

    There is a interesting thread on the forum of VC (The Manson Murders)worth a look.Discusses the career of Sharon Tate’s father.Claims he was stationed in Italy in the 1950s and worked on Operation Gladio before coming back to the US where he was based at the infamous Lookout Mountain compound of David McGowan fame(Which has apparently been bought by Jared Letto for a bargain couple of million dollars).The claim is that her father had spent several years infiltrating the hippie movement in the area in order for an event such as the Manson murders-hence the cover story that he went undercover after it happened to find his daughter’s killer.The legendary researcher Mae Brussel was onto this kind of thing early.There’s some of her shows on youtube from the time where she discusses her belief that the Tate/Labianca murders were carried out with such stealth that they must have involved military or special ops personnel.

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