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I first went online with ‘Conspiro Media’ in 2011 and my aim was for it to feature topical and regularly-posted articles about the world of movies, TV and – above all – music, from the perspective of what’s termed the ‘occult,’ a word which, according to dictionary definitions, means to ‘hide from view,’ ‘beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding,’ and pertaining to ‘magic or supernatural powers.’ Certainly, all these descriptions can be applied in some shape or form to what can be labelled, entertainment/arts-media – this covers all the major mainstream television networks, movie studios, radio-stations and record companies that, collectively, bombard us day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and minute-to-minute with endless sights, sounds and noises, influencing the human population’s opinions, emotions and perceptions of life whether it be to push forward militaristic geo-political agendas (as seen in the CIA’s and the US Army and Navy’s full-on involvement in the making of Hollywood movies and TV shows), or to propagandise a war effort (as occurred during World War II with the propaganda cinema-films that Walt Disney was an active part of), or to continue perpetuating a stifled, incomplete, factually bankrupt ‘official narrative’ of events in world history such as, for example, 9/11, or, even, to change a culture and delete its past heritage (such as was attempted after the second world war when America and Britain took over the radio-stations, theatres and concert-halls of defeated Germany, banning much of their native music and financing and promoting Twelve-Tone and avant-garde/‘modern art’ in its place). It’s mind-control on a monumental scale, and what I’ve been long intrigued by is the fact that this mass deception through entertainment/arts-media isn’t exclusively a product of the 20th/21st century, only possible with the birth a century or so ago of cinema, recorded music and, later, TV, but stretches back not just hundreds but thousands of years where the occult, esoteric symbols we see in Pop-videos and album-cover art have their origins. Today, television audiences are hypnotised with subliminal ads and ‘programmes’ that also serve to distract the viewer from reality in the danger they might otherwise have time to reflect on how their life is being screwed by endless governments. In ancient Rome of course a very similar trick, we’re told, was played when the rulers of the empire attempted to quell any public resistance to their laws by giving the masses ‘bread and circuses.’ Any one unfamiliar with this said incident or indeed with most of the subject-matter cited thus far, should visit the link below for an extensive ‘overview’ – an alternative history of media through the ages. I prepared it back in 2010/2011, specifically to serve as a reference point on this site for any newbies to occult/conspiracy research and who might benefit from it. More seasoned readers might well find it of interest too. (Whatever, should you take a look, I hope you find the experience satisfying and come away from it with a greater understanding)…


The role of the media, mass-entertainment and The Arts is (I would suggest) crucial to the so-called ‘Establishment’ – the ‘elites’ – in steering populations of people into complying with illegal wars/military invasions, or in having them willingly pump their bodies with poisonous pharmaceuticals, or their health jeopardised by mainstream medicine’s suppression of alternative, holistic methods, or having their source of food contaminated by GMOs, or their daily movements CCTV-monitored and recorded (and, to give up their individual liberties bit by bit, piece by piece to an increasingly One World State). Physical aggression alone can never bring anything of that nature to fruition. The stamp of a dictator’s jackboot can only come after hearts and minds are conquered thus ensuring that the goal of ultimate control is attained with as little resistance as possible. What better way to achieve this than by influencing a man’s emotions, and then his thought-processes, through the power of music, movies, TV, theatre or literature? For what it’s worth, here’s my own very personal take on this all…
Music has been a passion of my life from early childhood onwards. Since leaving school (and then getting thrown out of college) in the mid-1980s, I’ve continued to pursue this interest by making my living as a club and radio DJ. Indeed, I consider myself most fortunate to have been able to do this, and – it might interest you to learn – it was whilst in this line of work some two decades ago that I myself witnessed from a firsthand perspective the illusions that have been played on the eyes and ears of the unsuspecting general public. Regrettably, I played a role in the deception too. This was back when I was yet to wake to the Bigger Picture, and when I was employed as a news/sports announcer and script-writer for a now-defunct UK-based broadcast provider (maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime?). So, if you’re in any doubt whatsoever about the lengths that media-bosses will go to pull the wool over us and to feed us with falsehoods that shape our perspectives on life – take it from me – it happens, and more often than you might think.

As mentioned earlier, the aim of Conspiro Media from the get-go was to assess and report on this continuous onslaught for our minds as regularly and reliably as is humanly possible. What transpired as a result were articles, lengthy and in-depth, that dig a little deeper into any one topic. However, as frequent readers of this site since its inception in 2011 will know, these were always a long time coming, in fact, months at a time, and not just the matter of a few days or weeks as I’d originally anticipated. That’s solely due to the preparation that each piece I published required. There was always lots of painstaking research to be getting on with (fact-finding, reference-hunting, cross-checking), and the collating and arranging of all the relevant and useful data into a readable-enough format once it’s been collected – and all in a genuine bid to deliver the most reliable, accurate and significant information possible. That there’ve been far, far fewer articles posted here as a result was a bit of a disappointment for me and – more importantly I feared – for any visitors here who might be left with the (wrong/mistaken) impression upon looking at the lack of regularly updated posts that whoever was responsible for it (i.e. – me) had lost interest, gone AWOL, had given up, stopped and split. A solution around this, I thought, would be to expand Conspiro Media’s capability with the help of a web-designer, to add separate, varied segments on a new & improved site that would feature a ‘rolling news’ section (mostly consisting of links to other sites/pages reporting on topical news events of an alternative nature to do with music, TV and movies) as well as an area for conscious-minded music by conscious-minded artists. This ‘new & improved site,’ I figured, would be fresh and topical whilst allowing me the space to compose my exhaustive, time-consuming articles. Well… That was the plan but, unfortunately, I eventually ended up at a dead-end with my mostly absent, inactive web-designer.
Whilst this was all going on back in early 2017, I began to reflect on what I’d contributed to the internet up to that point and whether I felt I was going in the right direction. During this time, I also launched a new blog, ‘The Occult Beatles,’ to fuel my hunger and enthusiasm for a group I’ve been a fan of and have studied most of my life (since childhood in fact). Any way, it slowly dawned on me during this time that this was more of the direction I wanted to go towards, not only because I have an almost addictive fascination for this group, but because I have a lifelong knowledge and understanding of their music and history that – dare I suggest – leaves me feeling justified enough to be able to write and speak about them with some confidence.
Aside from this, during this time, I’d also begun to delve quite deeply into the history of the UK counter-culture of the 1960s, to see if it had any significant parallels to what author and researcher David McGowan had presented in his work to do with the Laurel Canyon scene of the same decade. Surely, if the so-called US ‘underground’ was manufactured and/or manipulated by the military/intelligence complex and the ‘elite’ families as McGowan argued, then the United Kingdom’s equivalent would have been the same too, wouldn’t it? After all, in terms of influence, Britain was seminal in what made the counter-culture of the Sixties what it was. It was The Beatles – from Liverpool, and the world’s biggest band ever – who provided the oft-labelled ‘soundtrack’ of that short-lived era, ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ Also, it was a Brit who first introduced American Acid guru Timothy Leary to LSD, it was a Brit who coined the term ‘psychedelic,’ and it was a Brit – the author and philosophiser, Aldous Huxley – who became a godfather of the underground movement thanks to his written work ‘The Doors of Perception.’ History – both mainstream and alternative – has focused almost solely on the US’s contribution to this scene and paid next to no attention to the UK. I’d like to change that a bit – so – that’s where I am now, seven years on from launching Conspiro Media, and as a result of all of this, the style and the nature of this site has changed accordingly – As you’ll see on the main blog-page, the emphasis since early 2018 has been on the Sixties counter-culture of Britain (London, mostly) and some of what I’ve discovered in my research into it thus far, and that’s the direction it’ll remain in given that this is the subject-area I’m now solely dedicating my time to. It’s all very much in its early stages for me though. It’s a work in progress that’ll, I estimate, take years to sift through. I still have much to learn and find out, but, just for the record, what I’ve discovered thus far bears more than a few of the tell-tale hallmarks that we come to expect and what we see in within the field of ‘alternative’ history/conspiracy research. But, anyway, as it stands, considering that I am near the starting-blocks with this, I’m as yet unsure how I’ll eventually be presenting what I’ll have to offer, although I do now have an accompanying ‘FaceBook’ page where I post snippets of info I’ve come across, including the odd guest pod-cast appearance I’ve taken part in. I’m doing the same here too, although not quite as frequently – but, that could change in the future as I amass enough data to begin posting in a full-length form, something a bit like an online book with chapters and that are added to and extended as I find out more. There’s also the ‘Occult Beatles’ blog of course, and which is very much in operation with new posts and articles on a regular basis. So, please do join me on this journey. Take a look around my trio of sites, subscribe, ‘like’ and follow, and do feel free to contact me with any information or line of enquiry/research you think might be of value. All that’d be wonderful… Thank you for your time.



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‘The Occult Beatles’: https://theoccultbeatles.wordpress.com/

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  1. The control of the general public it would appear is quite old. The Roman Empire was built on illusion where upon the masses were given their “bread and circus” to distract them from realities. Which was that the general public in reality were all enslaved. When the Romans invaded “Britania”, the puppet slaves went about encouraging the Britans to speak latin and wear the toga claiming it was a new era of civilisation. In response a Roman writer stated that latin and the toga “were just a feature of their enslavement”. The music industry is likewise, just a feature of enslavement.

  2. Its the Jews who are running the show…lets not say otherwise.Last election un France,the French had two options to vote.Either Sarkosy a jew or Hollande a Jew.Same story in NZ….Key the Jew financier won this one.His opponent was a Labour Jew who was working for the UN…in Jerusalem….for the Palestinians….without mentioning his ethnicity.The Palestinians might have got a trifle suspicious.The Jews control the wests media…anyone who says different is part of the problem or a disinfo agent.The Jews milk the holocaust to give them a free pass.Infact the holocaust as stated is one massive lie…..as martin luther said the jews are the master of lying…that was a few years back and nothing has changed.Incidently both Cameron and his wife are Jews or “marrano’s”..not a conspiracy theory,fact.Ditto Milliband but that is well known.Currently the zionist Jews are attempting to persuade the public they don’t like him..but they are lying….of course.

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