If there is indeed a secret conspiracy with the sole aim of leading us toward a totalitarian One World Order, then the role of the media in this nefarious plot can neither be denied or undervalued.

For thousands of years, successive empires and governments have used mass-entertainment against their people, either to divert their attention away from finding out about the true state of the world around them or to implant their subconscious minds with propaganda or false hopes and dreams. In the 21st century, this process appears to have intensified and accelerated, no doubt fuelled by the easy access we now have to 24-hour TV and the internet, and the popularity of smart-phones, online social networking, and digital downloads. We now find ourselves bombarded on a daily basis by mass media indoctrination on an unparalleled scale via movies, music, and television. Scratch beneath the surface, and we begin to notice a darker element deeply rooted within the occult, a word which, according to dictionary definitions, means to ‘hide from view‘, ‘beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding‘, and pertaining to ‘magic or supernatural powers‘. This is hidden in plain sight, presented to the world in the form of logos and symbols and seen in Pop videos, album covers, advertising campaigns, TV shows and movies. However, every once in a while, a famous musician, actor or writer will harness it’s strength for the greater good, using their fame and influence to highlight the injustices of the world. Unfortunately, these efforts are often met with hostile and sometimes violent reactions by those seeking to keep the conspiracy alive and obscured from public view.
The media’s involvement in this Grand Scheme for global dominance is huge…

Any one unfamiliar with it, or indeed with any of the subject-matter cited thus far, should visit the link below for an extensive analysis specially prepared by ConspiroMedia for users of this site (I hope you enjoy the experience and come away from it with a greater understanding):


Far from being a trivial side-issue to be filed under “irrelevant,” the media, mass-entertainment and The Arts are an integral weapon in the armoury of those looking to achieve their dream of establishing an oppressive One World Government. Military force alone cannot win a war for control, neither can corrupt bankers, lying politicians, or malevolent pharmaceutical companies. Hearts and minds must also be conquered so that any desired outcome can be achieved with as little resistance as possible.

The aim of this site is to regularly assess and report on this continuous onslaught as best as possible. Sometimes, this will come in the form of specially-written articles by my good self in which I’ll offer my own analysis on any given topical issue or subject of interest, and at other times I‘ll keep you regularly updated on stories currently doing the rounds in the news-media via links and summaries. It’s important to point out at this juncture that ConspiroMedia doesn’t necessarily subscribe to the views or claims expressed in all of the out-sourced items chosen for inclusion on this site. It’s merely acting as a messenger and leaving you, the reader, to make up your own mind. Furthermore, I don’t expect you to believe or agree with any articles, commentary or analysis that I’ve contributed either…. don’t take anything I have to offer on face-value… follow your instincts… check it out with your own independent research… reach your own conclusions.

Please feel free to subscribe to ConspiroMedia so that we can keep you informed with all the latest news and views as and when it arrives.

I sincerely hope you’ll join me on this journey.


Matt Sergiou (@ ‘Conspiro Media’).


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  1. The control of the general public it would appear is quite old. The Roman Empire was built on illusion where upon the masses were given their “bread and circus” to distract them from realities. Which was that the general public in reality were all enslaved. When the Romans invaded “Britania”, the puppet slaves went about encouraging the Britans to speak latin and wear the toga claiming it was a new era of civilisation. In response a Roman writer stated that latin and the toga “were just a feature of their enslavement”. The music industry is likewise, just a feature of enslavement.

  2. Its the Jews who are running the show…lets not say otherwise.Last election un France,the French had two options to vote.Either Sarkosy a jew or Hollande a Jew.Same story in NZ….Key the Jew financier won this one.His opponent was a Labour Jew who was working for the UN…in Jerusalem….for the Palestinians….without mentioning his ethnicity.The Palestinians might have got a trifle suspicious.The Jews control the wests media…anyone who says different is part of the problem or a disinfo agent.The Jews milk the holocaust to give them a free pass.Infact the holocaust as stated is one massive lie…..as martin luther said the jews are the master of lying…that was a few years back and nothing has changed.Incidently both Cameron and his wife are Jews or “marrano’s”..not a conspiracy theory,fact.Ditto Milliband but that is well known.Currently the zionist Jews are attempting to persuade the public they don’t like him..but they are lying….of course.

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