Researcher Jay Weidner talks to ‘Red Ice Radio’ about Stanley Kubrick’s Odyssey

Author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar Jay Weidner returns to ‘Red Ice Radio’ to update listeners on the latest developments in his ongoing research into the life and career of Stanley Kubrick.

Weidner believes the legendary film director faked the 1969 Moon Landings for the Pentagon and NASA.

Weidner also talks about his movie/documentary trilogy, ‘Kubrick’s Odyssey. Secrets in the Films of Stanley Kubrick,’ the second instalment of which has just been released

In the first instalment released last year, Weidner presents evidence to illustrate how Kubrick’s movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ was not only a retelling of Arthur C. Clarke‘s novel, but a research and development project that assisted him in the creation of the Apollo moon footage. Weidner also demonstrates how Kubrick publicly revealed his secret involvement in the faked landing via hidden symbols and clues in his movie, ‘The Shining.’

Featured below, Weidner’s previous interview with ‘Red Ice Radio’ from 2011 in which he talks about the Kubrick movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and how he believes it connects with Mind Control, the elite, satanic, archonic, and demonic forces. Other topics discussed include ‘Operation Monarch,’ ‘A.I.’, paedophilia, ‘Lolita‘, bear symbolism, the Brotherhood of Saturn and claims that Kubrick was murdered.

“Stanley Kubrick… had buried symbolic language and subliminal images and various other cinematic devices into his films to try to tell a kind of a secret story, and that secret story is concerned with a lot of things… not only is he telling us about the world is ruled by a group of secret elitists who don’t have our interests in mind, but he’s also telling us that he was involved with faking the Moon Landings in a major way, and that he used the opportunity given to him by faking the Apollo Moon Landings to create a film – i.e. ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ – that would in a way, be a magical working that would alter the mindscape of the people – especially younger people who have more malleable minds… He transformed the Baby-Boomer generation with the film… “
— Jay Weidner

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