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This site has always sought to incorporate the work of others within the so-called ’Alternative community’ who, to varying degrees, have investigated the conspiratorial and/or esoteric/occult elements within music, movies, TV and other forms of entertainment. In past posts – via ‘ConspiroTV’ – we’ve had the pleasure of hearing the views of respected experts and authors such as veteran symbologist and Beatles ‘insider,’ Robert Richard Hieronimus Ph.D., and also, Neil Sanders, perhaps the UK‘s foremost researcher in the history of Mind-Control/MK ULTRA and mass-media manipulation. We’ve also been keen to feature items exclusive to other sites such as ‘Red Ice Radio’ host Henrik Palmgren’s interviews with Hollywood actress, Sean Young about her ‘awakening,’ and writer and film-maker, Jay Weidner on his famed occult interpretations of Stanley Kubrick‘s work. Furthermore, when it‘s sister-site, ‘Radio 3Fourteen’ produced a show made up entirely of socially and cosmically conscious contemporary music acts, we added it as a link here. Actually, in all honesty, this blog hasn’t dedicated anywhere near enough attention on some of the lesser-known but talented artists out there making these kinds of tracks. This is something that we’ll (that is, I’ll) have to address in future. However, there is one website in particular that does focus on this. It’s run by veteran club/radio DJ, author and journalist, Mark Devlin. markdevlin Since 2010, when he first began to question the nature of reality, consciousness, and the ’3D world’ around him, Mark has built up a reputation as one of the prominent figures actively shining a light on the dark, twisted machinations of the music-industry. His insights are especially unique (as well as valuable) when considering his background; Predominantly specialising in his love of R&B, Reggae, Soul, Funk, Disco, Soulful House, and Hip Hop (by “Hip Hop” I mean Real Hip Hop as opposed to the crap available in the mainstream), he’s ripped up the decks in over forty countries and hosted numerous radio-shows (far too many to note here). In November, he’ll be bringing his brand of socially-conscious and uplifting flavas to David Icke’s new channel, ‘The People’s Voice’ hosting a once-weekly programme. In a career spanning almost a quarter of a century, he’s also contributed to leading music magazines/portals including the legendary ‘Blues & Soul,’ and ‘Black Sheep Mag’ which he’s managing editor of. Seeking to explore beyond the confines of the mainstream however, he first appeared on ‘SoundCloud’ last year with his ‘Good Vibrations’ pod-casts, many of which delve into the music-industry ‘conspiracy.’ Drawing from his contacts inside the business, he’s interviewed DJs, film-makers, and producers about their own perspectives on this ongoing global Agenda as well as its effects on humanity. Obviously, he’s chatted with musicians too and, as noted earlier, showcased their tracks, offering the listener a refreshing Alternative to the moronic, mind-controlling banality churned out by the mass-media. Some of his guests have included:

Hailing from Bristol but now residing in Paris, Steve turned his back on a business-based career in the UK for a life making music across the channel. artworks-000031347233-q2qv7p-t200x200During his chat with Mark, he casts a critical eye over Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, and Oprah Winfrey. He also has some particularly strong words to direct against Snoop Dogg A.K.A. Snoop Lion. This leads him onto the subject of Jamaican culture/Rastafarianism and his perception of God. You can also hear his song, ‘Living with the Devil’ which takes aim at the so-called “elites” such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers who he refers to in his interview.

Influenced by Reggae and Ska at a young age, UK-based singer, songwriter, and piano-player, Imani Hekima first made his mark as a musician during the 1980s in, Spectre, a band that supported Aswad, and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry during it‘s time.artworks-000025408596-r8zu9m-t200x200 In his chat with Mark, he gives us his take on the current sorry state of the music-scene and the lack of uplifting songs available. Now established as a solo artist, he also shares his thoughts on some tracks he‘s written and recorded; ‘Just Beneath the Skin’ addresses the projected micro-chipping agenda, ‘Nothing’s What It Seems’ deals with false-flag events and was penned directly after one such incident, namely, 7/7, and ‘Robots Rebellion’ takes its inspiration from the likewise titled David Icke book from 1994.

Mark chats to the rapper who forms one half of, Dead Prez, the politically/socially-charged Hip Hop duo who’ve never been afraid to tell it like it really is since first breaking through in the 1990s. artworks-000019603794-31ziz0-t200x200M-1 discusses some of the ingredients that go in to creating such conscious music and what he aims to deliver now and in the future. With regards to acts that neglect to address the really important issues in life, he asks, “are you an artist or” a “drone” churning out “elevator music” to “pacify the audiences with?“ However, he also points out that “there’s money to be made from revolutionary music” citing Public Enemy and Bob Marley as two notable examples.

artworks-000017667075-pfgtcx-t200x200First making a name for herself with the R&B/Garage floor-filler, ’What’s It Gonna Be’ at the turn of the millennium, singer, Nesha later went on to become a presenter on the BBC’s radio-station, 1-Xtra. However, she eventually parted company with the corporation somewhat disillusioned with what she witnessed sensing that there was “an agenda” at play. She talks to Mark about what went on there as well as sharing her interesting and perceptive views on the malevolent music-industry today and its effect on audiences.

Kit Glover A.K.A. Long Lastin’ joins Mark for two pod-cast chats. The veteran Hip Hop producer shares his unique insights on the music-industry’s dark side and also on matters of a more spiritual, esoteric, and uplifting nature. Born in London, the son of hippy parents, his father was the photographer for the book, ‘The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.’ In fact he remembers the authors visiting his childhood home and writing some of it there.artworks-000058985249-cmagdg-t200x200 Initially making a name for himself as far back as the early-to-mid-‘80s as a professional break-dancer, Long Lastin’ later turned his hand to production and was almost instantly sought after by the major players in the music biz. However, disillusioned with what he witnessed upon entering this world, he pretty much turned his back on it from day one. Now recording independently, he talks about his forthcoming album which’ll concentrate on subjects such as HAARP as well as ancient alien theories. The aim?… to alert the less aware of us in society to important but suppressed knowledge and areas of research.

Musician and film-maker, Mel Bell-Grey pulls no punches, taking on a vast range of subjects during his pod-chat with Mark.artworks-000051377878-wqcfg0-t200x200 Hailing from Tottenham in North London, he suffered both physical and mental abuse at the hands of his strictly Christian parents. Although he grew up in a household where money most certainly wasn’t in easy supply, it shocked him in later years to discover that his mother’s father was the Deputy Prime Minister of Jamaica. During the pod-cast, he also lets rip on matters of a global/social nature, such as the subjugation of Black people, and the suppression of their culture and history, as well as his personal firsthand take on the harsh realities of London city life. Naturally, the subject of music also pops up; He talks about his early years mingling and rubbing shoulders with industry bigwigs and witnessing with his own eyes the corrupt nature of the business which inevitably caused him to turn his back on it and go independent. Now based in Hawaii, you can find out more about his music at, ‘Meledelicious.com.’ He also helps to run the film/video production-house, ‘EyesWideOpen.com’.

Both DJ Storm and Double L noticed early on in their lives that something wasn’t quite right with the world.artworks-000028924202-l6kokv-t200x200 Indeed, during the ‘90s, Stormski launched a magazine also available on the internet titled, ‘Hidden Agenda.’ During the interview, they discuss many subjects connected to the music conspiracy, including the use of occult symbols in Pop videos and concerts, MK’ed artists, and Jay-Z’s negative impact on Hip Hop. From a firsthand perspective, they bemoan the decline of club culture claiming that DJs are now forced to pander to the demands of brainwashed crowds who won’t open themselves up to any exciting new music that isn’t linked to the mainstream. They also address the attitudes of sceptics towards those of us who question everything.

Justin Wiseup, and Hip Hop artist turned writer/researcher, Marcello Assini talk to Mark about all manner of things connected to life, human consciousness, and reality itself. Channelling, meditation, spirituality, ancient wisdom, crop circles, UFOs, ETs, occult rituals, and Predictive Programming are just some of the topics discussed. They also advise us on how we can take control of our lives for the better, and their message is simple: Don’t fall prey to fear, be yourself, like yourself and follow your passion (without harming others of course).

American researcher, author, film-maker, and musician, Lenon Honor is the man who alerted us to ‘Rain Man,’ the demonic entity which has manifested itself in a number of R&B/Rap tracks and videos over the years. Indeed, although he investigates many facets of ‘the conspiracy’ from geo-politics, to Mind-Control, and environmental issues (to name a few) he’s perhaps particularly known for his occult interpretations of various topics linked to music and movies.artworks-000043236899-103ruz-t200x200 He joins Mark for two separate pod-casts. In the first, he hones in on Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ song and video which he claims actually deals with trans-humanism and has nothing to do with marriage as most listeners assume. This leads on to the subject of auto-tune and the increased dependency on digitisation instead of live instruments as well as the ‘robot-isation’ of art and humanity as a whole. He also provides a unique insight into how music as a form has been hijacked, and manipulated as a tool of control. The second pod-cast is almost entirely dedicated to his analysis of Kanye West’s latest album, ‘Yeezus.’

Based in Ireland, John Gibbons is a club/radio DJ, music producer and also the man behind the highly rated ‘Alchemy Radio’ which covers all manner of Alternative views and suppressed subject areas.artworks-000047893691-bn39kc-t200x200 He chats with Mark about EDM, the newly-coined term for Electronic Dance Music, it‘s possible role in the agenda and whether many of it‘s biggest names (i.e. Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Skrillex, e.t.c.) are involved in some shape or form. Hailing from a family background with connections to politics, he also talks about his early life, the events that led to his awakening, and the attitudes of nay-sayers and sceptics who look upon Truth-seekers as nothing more than ‘loony conspiracy theorists.’

As well as music, ‘Good Vibrations’ also plays host to a number of high-profile researchers, authors, and public speakers who investigate other areas within the wider Agenda including Ian R. Crane, Chris Spivey, Fritz Springmeier, Max Igan, Sonia Barrett, Andy Thomas, Ben Emelyn-Jones of HPANWO (‘Hospital Porters Against the New World Order‘), and David Icke who talks to Mark in two pod-casts, one of which in fact, is dedicated to his own take on the music business.

If you do decide to check out Mark’s ‘Good Vibrations,’ you’ll notice that his latest guest is Matt Sergiou A.K.A. ‘Conspiro Media’…. in other words… me! In the first of a two-part pod-cast, I talk about the notorious California neighbourhood known as Laurel Canyon where a staggering number of the musical heroes of the so-called 1960s ‘counter-culture’ movement hailed from. Tellingly, almost all were born into families with links to the CIA, or the US Military Industrial Complex, and there are some sinister connections with the grisly Manson Family murders of 1969 too. I also take a closer look at some of the esoteric elements of Pink Floyd and their music over the decades, including the strange business of front-man Syd Barrett’s apparent descent into madness and the possibility that he might have been the victim of MK ULTRA/Mind-Control.

Listen to the pod-cast here:


If you’d like to hear more of what Mark himself has to say about the machinations of the music-industry, then be sure to listen to some of the radio-shows he’s guested on. You can check out recordings of these on his ‘Spreaker’ site. He’ll also be appearing at a number of events over the coming weeks and months where he’ll be addressing this huge topic; The first date is at ‘Truth Juice Birmingham’ on Tuesday October 22nd, followed by a talk in Manchester for ‘Wake Up Promotions’ on November 6th, and finally, ‘Truth Juice Liverpool’ on Wednesday December 2nd. For more details, please follow the links below:



In the meantime, here’s a talk Mark gave some months back at ‘Changing Times’ in West Sussex: